Biden claims Secret Service agent lied about attack by president’s dog

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One of the early scandals involving Joe Biden as soon as he moved into the White House was the one in which his dog Major bit employees and Secret Service agents.

WND reported the dog already was known as aggressive and had “nipped” people.

Representatives for Biden claimed the animal was just getting adjusted to new surroundings.

The bitings turned into such a situation that the government refused to provide details and Washington watchdog Judicial Watch filed a public records lawsuit over the fracas, discovering that evidence revealed the dog was “dangerous” and “the Biden White House lied about it, placing Secret Service and other White House personnel at needless risk.”

Now a book is revealing that Biden demanded the last word on the dispute, insisting that a Secret Service agent “lied” about the problem.

Which prompted constitutional expert and popular legal commentator Jonathan Turley to express some alarm.

He cited excerpts from a new book that reveals “Biden is denying an account of the Secret Service about an agent being attacked by his German Shepherd, Major, at the White House.”

He said, “The statement from the president raises some interesting legal questions after he effectively called an agent a liar about an official report on one of many bite incidents with the Biden dogs. If the quote is accurate, the criticism could not only be viewed as defamatory but another unfounded attack on the integrity and veracity of federal employees by the president.”

He explained, “This should not be dismissed as some sensational ‘President Bites Agent’ story. It raises long-standing concerns over the lack of recourse for agents endangered or abused by protected individuals.”

The claim comes from “The Fight of His Life,” by Chris Whipple who talks about Biden’s “continued mistrust of the Secret Service and his alleged avoidance of saying anything in front of agents. Biden has long had tense relations with the Secret Service, particularly after female agents complained about his exposing himself to them by insisting on swimming in the nude,” Turley noted.

He noted the book’s claim is that Biden has his own “deep state” and thinks the Secret Service is made up of “MAGA sympathizers” because it is “full of white ex-cops from the South…”

He noted that there previously was discussion of the problem with the Biden dogs, and their attacks on agents that ordinarily would lead to liability.

“In one eight-day period, agents were bitten every day,” he noted.

But the Bidens continued to reject liability and insist the dogs were just adjusting.

“Now Biden is quoted as saying that he does not trust the Secret Service and believes that one agent is outright lying about one attack by Major. The president is quoted as saying ‘Look, the Secret Service is never up here. It didn’t happen,'” Turley explained.

However, the agent reported the attack, photographs documented it, and other agents reported similar incidents.

Then press secretary Jen Psaki claimed the attack happened because the agent “suddenly” appeared in the room.

“There is a difference, however, between being callous and being accusatory toward agents. President Biden went further in claiming that the agent was lying,” Turley warned. “It is not the first time that the president has refused to consider the evidence and categorically denounced federal officers. Last year, Biden publicly declared border agents guilty of whipping migrants despite a videotape refuting the allegation. He promised that they would be punished. The agents were later cleared of all of the whipping allegations, but the Biden administration still sought to punish them anyway.”

Now, calling an agent a liar “is a clearly defamatory statement since he is alleging that the agent not only lied but then filed a false report. The statement also impugns the character of other agents who documented in the incident,” Turley noted.

He said the Secret Service agents are law enforcement officers, not partisan bodyguards given over to the president for his personal assignments.

His conclusion is that it is up to Congress to review the situation and assure agents they are not “treated as the chew toys of privileged pets.”

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