First lady Jill Biden unveils White House Christmas decorations with notable contradictions, oddities, and omissions

First lady Jill Biden on Monday unveiled to the American people her Christmas decorations at the White House for this year’s holiday season.

While much of the decorations were standard fare and pleasant to look at, there nonetheless were a handful of oddities and omissions that sparked some questions about the Biden family themselves, the Western Journal reported.

The outlet noted that the White House Christmas displays also cause some to remark upon how much they missed the “simple yet breathtaking” annual holiday decorations of former first lady Melania Trump.

Christmas theme contradicts Biden rhetoric

The Biden White House and first lady announced on Monday that the theme for Christmas 2022 was “We the People” and how “These words are the foundation of our extraordinary country and the Soul of our Nation. At the holidays, Americans come together each year in fellowship and faith, reminding us that we are stronger in community than we are apart.”

However, the Western Journal noted that the description of the theme, particularly about the “Soul of our Nation” and everybody coming together in unity stands in stark contrast to President Joe Biden’s oft-repeated invocation of the ongoing “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” against the “extreme MAGA Republicans” — which includes pretty much anyone who has not fervently denounced former President Donald Trump as some sort of abomination.

That aside, the White House announcement shared pictures and descriptions of how the different main rooms of the White House were decorated and what the particular decorations in each room meant as part of the broader theme.

What is under that tree? And where is the nativity scene?

To be sure, many of the Christmas decorations were fairly run-of-the-mill and self-explanatory, but the Western Journal took note of one Christmas tree in particular that is the centerpiece of the Blue Room and is adorned with renderings of the official bird from all 57 states and territories plus the District of Columbia.

Around the bottom of that tree are what appeared at a first glance to be interwoven antlers but upon closer inspection were revealed to be a jumble of intertwined branches and sticks that are reminiscent of a bird’s nest — which perhaps aligns with the avian theme of that tree but otherwise looks odd and out of place in comparison to the other decorations.

As for the aforementioned omissions, the Western Journal noted that there didn’t appear to be a nativity scene displaying the birth of Jesus Christ, which for roughly half of the nation is the real reason for the Christmas season, far more so than secular things like decorated trees or presents.

No stocking for Hunter’s “other” daughter

Another seemingly scandalous omission was pointed out by the New York Post in regard to the stockings hung on the mantle above the fireplace in the State Dining Room that purports to represent all of Joe and Jill Biden’s grandchildren — Hunter’s daughters Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy, plus Naomi’s new spouse Peter, and his young “Baby” son, as well as the late Beau’s two children, Natalie and Hunter — in addition to two more stockings for first dog Commander and first cat Willow.

Missing from the mantle for the second year in a row, however, was a stocking for Hunter’s four-year-old daughter Navy Jones Roberts, who he fathered in 2018 during an affair with a former stripper and now pays child support for — following a DNA test and court order — but who has grievously been ignored as though she doesn’t even exist by the rest of the Biden family.

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