Report: Biden gets caught telling ‘false’ Afghanistan story

As long as politicians have existed, they have lied. But a particularly offensive lie is a lie about facing danger in service of our country.

While speaking to supporters in New Hampshire last week, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden told a moving story about risking his life to present an award to a Navy Captain in Afghanistan back when he was vice president. The only problem? Biden’s account was “moving, but false,” the Washington Post pointed out.

Politicians lying

Biden’s story started out by claiming that he went to Afghanistan to award a Navy captain for valor while he was Vice President.

Biden said he had been asked to make a foray into a warzone to honor the reluctant medal recipient, who had retrieved a comrade’s body in a daring maneuver under fire. Biden finished off the story with “This is the God’s truth, my word as a Biden.”

It would be really great if people would stop capping their lives with “My word as a …”

As it turns out, nearly every detail about Biden’s story was wrong, the Post reported. Biden was not a VP at the time. The soldier who performed the rescue Biden described was an Army specialist, not a Navy captain. And that specialist did not receive a medal from Biden — he was later awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama.

Biden seems to have concocted a story out of three separate events. All while painting himself as a hero for risking his own life.

Biden did visit Afghanistan — but as a senator in 2008. And he did pin a medal of valor on a soldier — it was Army Staff Sgt. Chad Workman, who did not think he should receive it, the Post reported.

Biden losing grip on reality

Biden has been committing gaffe after gaffe for weeks. It’s hard to believe such a seasoned politician would make such continuous mistakes.

In between forgetting he was Obama’s VP, to thinking he was VP during the 2017 Parkland shooting, Biden is out of it.

It seems Biden is done. It will take a miracle for his campaign to recover from the disaster of these last weeks. Even the liberal media can see it.

If Biden is going senile, he shouldn’t be president, and if he is deliberately lying he certainly must never be president.

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