Biden caught on hot mic with bizarre impersonation of little girl

 December 9, 2023

President Joe Biden recently impersonated a little girl in what some are referring to as "his creepiest moment yet." 

The incident, according to the Daily Caller, came during Biden's recent speech at the Tribal Nations Summit.

Take a look for yourself here. The incident takes place at around the 12:30 mark of the video.

Just plain creepy

Right before Biden began the impersonation, he was trying to claim that he has restored various protections for tribal lands.

"At the same time, preserving important and ancestral Tribal lands, I restored protections from my predecessor — gutted by my predecessor at three national monuments: Grand Staircase and Beers Ear — Bears Ears," Biden said.

It was at this point that he took a tangent and began to impersonate a little girl whom he claimed to have met on a plane. He did so by pronouncing all of his "r's" as one would pronounce "w's."

The president said:

And, by the way, you know how that happened? I was in a plane, and a little girl came up to me. She said, "Mr. Pwesident" — (laughter) — "can you take care of Beaws Ears?" (Laughter) And, I said — I said, "Can I…" I thought she said can I take care of her ears. (Laughter.) And, I said, "What, honey?" And she said, "Beaws Ears. It’s really important!" And, guess what? She was dead right, and we did take care of it.

We'll leave it up to you, the reader, to determine whether this is a legitimate story or another one of Biden's made-up stories.


Besides making up stories, Biden is also well-known for having countless awkward encounters, especially between women and children. And, some of these encounters have been caught on camera.

There is, for example, this infamous encounter:

There is also the incident that just took place in November, when Biden interrupted his speech to tell a 6-year-old girl that he loves her ears.

As the Daily Caller's Kay Smythe put it, "It is a truth universally acknowledged that letting small children around Biden will likely result in them being sniffed, touched, and have to deal with some weird statement."

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