Biden caught on hot mic ordering the removal of the press

August 21, 2023
Robert Ayers

President Joe Biden was just caught on camera telling the press "to leave" the room.

RNC Research has posted the video clip to X, formerly known as Twitter.

Take a look:

Biden gives the press the boot

The above video clip is from Friday, when Biden met with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japan Prime Minister Kishida Fumio at Camp David in Maryland.

The video clip picks up toward the end of a televised panel that was held.

In the video, Biden, sitting at a table with a microphone in front of him and an earpiece in his ear, looks over to someone and, with a stern look on his face, tells that person, "We're going to politely ask the press to leave. Thank you for coming."

At this point, members of the press attempt, unsuccessfully, to get a few questions in. While this is happening, Biden looks ahead with a dead, blank stare on his face for several seconds before he lets out, first, a derisive smirk, and, then, a smile.

According to those who were there, it was during this time that Biden's staff were essentially forcing the press to exit the room. None of this, of course, is unusual for the Biden administration.

What's going on?

The purpose of the meetup was to address the threats that are currently being posed by the likes of China and North Korea.

The Associated Press reports:

President Joe Biden and the leaders of Japan and South Korea agreed Friday to expand security and economic ties at a historic summit at the U.S. presidential retreat of Camp David, cementing a new agreement with the allies that are on an increasingly tense ledge in relations with China and North Korea.

The outlet goes on to report that Biden and the leaders of South Korea and Japan agreed to "establish a communications hotline to discuss responses to threats."

Biden, Yoon, and Kishida released a joint statement on the meetup, saying, "The purpose of our trilateral security cooperation is and will remain to promote and enhance peace and stability throughout the region."

Biden, for his part, claimed that, thanks to their agreement, all three countries "are stronger," and Biden further claimed that "the world will be safer."

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