Biden canceled military aid to Ukraine ahead of meeting with Putin: Reports

President Joe Biden appears to be facing his latest scandal in the wake of his recent bilateral talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to reports, Biden is facing backlash for freezing a shipment of weapons to Ukraine, including small arms, air defense systems, and anti-tank equipment — and some critics want to see him impeached. The package would have represented a powerful deterrent to the Putin regime in reaction to a buildup of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, Politico reports.

“Far worse than what Trump did”

The U.S. president reportedly shot down the deal ahead of his meeting with Putin, making the case among critics that he, not former President Donald Trump, is pursuing a policy of capitulation to the Russian leader.

Trump was long criticized by the left for supposedly acting as Putin’s puppet — and by the same standards applied to the previous administration by Democrats, it seems only fair that Biden should face calls for his removal from office.

White House sources signaled that the Ukrainian military aid was nixed because of an agreement with Russia, which allegedly vowed to reduce its military presence on the border.

As of May, however, nearly 100,000 Russian troops remained ready to strike against Ukraine.

Breitbart writer Joel Pollack wrote that, if true, “what Biden did is far worse than what Trump did in 2019, when he was accused of withholding military aid from Ukraine until it investigated Joe Biden for corruption.”

“Trump was impeached for less”

Democrats established a new, lower threshold for impeachment when they pursued an effort to remove Trump for his actions. Now, it looks as if Biden is on the wrong side of those new rules.

As more details emerge, the GOP might be formulating its own plans to hold the current president accountable. If Republicans reclaim control on Capitol Hill after next year’s midterm elections, impeachment could once again become a top legislative priority.

Critics have accused Biden of projecting weakness on the international stage since he took office, essentially seeking to repeal Trump’s “America First” platform.

Pollack argued that the latest development only serves to cement that legacy, writing: “Biden left a U.S. ally weakened, just to smooth relations with Putin. Trump was impeached for less.”

With Russian troops stationed along the Ukrainian border, it is clear that Biden’s actions in this matter have real-world consequences and have taken away a crucial deterrent to possible war.

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