Biden Campaign Stumbles Amid Calls For Investigation

This is amazing no matter who you are…

The Great America PAC has just released an ad urging Congress to launch an investigation against Democrat candidate for president Joe Biden.

The ad was released just hours after it was confirmed that Trump did NOT coerce Ukraine to investigate Biden for him.

According to The Hill, the Great America PAC released an ad that cost six figures to run on Fox News Channel:

“The six-figure advertisement from the Great America PAC comes as Trump faces an impeachment inquiry over his own communications with Ukraine.”

The pro-Trump ad slams Biden for using his political connections in other countries to help his son commit crimes:

“What does white privilege really look like? Weeks after Joe Biden visits China as vice president, his son secures a private billion dollar deal with the Bank of China. After Biden is named America’s top diplomat to Ukraine, his son joins Ukraine’s largest private gas producer with no relevant experience and lands another million dollar deal. And before Ukraine’s top prosecutor can investigate the shady dealings of Biden’s son, he gets the prosecutor fired, then brags about it.”

The ad eventually concludes by saying:

“Instead of another failed presidential witch hunt, House Democrats should investigate one of their own — Joe Biden.”

I think this is proof that Biden’s presidential aspirations are all but finished. Democrats have chosen to inaugurate an impeachment process against Donald Trump. As a result, they have all but thrown Biden under the bus to be publicly exposed in front of the entire nation as a corrupt politician – which is NOT something that Biden’s campaign can handle.

It’s very likely at this point that Democrats will send Elizabeth Warren to challenge Trump in the general election – which is exactly what he wanted from the very beginning.

Trump couldn’t have had better luck if he had planned the whole thing himself.

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