Report: Biden campaign negotiating terms for Michelle Obama endorsement

Up until now, both Barack and Michelle Obama have kept a low profile with regard to the 2020 election — but according to reports, that will not be the case for long.

The Hill reported on Thursday that Michelle Obama is in talks with the Biden campaign to not only endorse the former vice president, but also possibly join his campaign in some capacity. 

Negotiations for an endorsement

Before Super Tuesday, it seemed as though Biden’s campaign was hanging on by a thread. Low and behold, Democrat primary contenders Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN) withdrew from the race and jumped on Biden’s bandwagon.

It is unclear what Buttigieg got in return for his endorsement, but it does appear as though Klobuchar negotiated a spot on Biden’s shortlist for the position of vice president. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (VT) eventual surrender was reportedly due to Barack Obama stepping in and pressuring him to bow out.

Among the rewards for Sanders’ dropping out is going to be a position front-and-center to dictate Democrat positions on immigration, medical coverage, student loan forgiveness, and clean energy.

Now, Michelle Obama is reportedly in talks with the Biden campaign for the role she will play if she chooses to endorse Joe Biden.

Michelle steps in

The Biden campaign knows a Michelle Obama endorsement will go a long way, possibly being even more influential than Barack Obama’s endorsement, which was offered earlier this week.

There is a reason she has not yet come out to endorse Biden, and that could be because she wants something in return for her endorsement.

An unidentified Biden aide told The Hill, “We know what pretty much everyone in America does: Michelle Obama is probably the most beloved member of the Democratic Party and her support is a big deal. Any future announcement would reflect the incredible impact her voice has.”

Though the Biden campaign has not disclosed what Obama’s role may be in Biden’s campaign, speculation has proliferated that she will host fundraisers and campaign for voter registration.

“This week was President Obama’s moment to enter the campaign. Of course, Mrs. Obama supports Joe Biden and we will keep you posted on her plans,” an Obama aide told The Hill.

With every passing day, it becomes a bit more clear that Donald Trump is not running against Joe Biden anymore. Sure, Joe is the man on the ticket, but it is not exactly a reach to think Barack and Michelle Obama will be the one pulling the strings behind closed doors.

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