Campaign fatigue starting to take its toll on Biden

President Trump has taken to calling Biden “Sleepy Joe” and that nickname is starting to seem very true to life.

Prior to the Thursday night debate, a Biden spokesperson stated that Biden would not be hanging out with the media afterward, saying that he needed to leave because he would be too tired to answer more questions.

Sleepy Joe is Tired

All things considered, Joe Biden’s travel schedule during this campaign has been fairly light compared to some of the other top candidates.

That is actually surprising considering he is one of the few candidates not currently holding an office. Even so, it appears as though the busy schedule is starting to become a bit much for the former VP.

Most candidates were looking forward to addressing the media after the debate, but not Biden.

Kate Bedingfield, the Communications Director for Biden, stated, “He’s going to have spent two hours answering questions on stage, and he talks to the press wherever he goes. I think there is no question the American people know where Joe Biden stands on issues.”

Big Mistake for Joe

Had Joe Biden actually known how the debate was going to play out, he probably would have decided differently.

The fact of the matter is that Biden got absolutely destroyed by Kamala Harris and several other candidates landed some shots that will hurt Biden.

The fact he did not immediately do damage control all but ensures him of losing most of the lead he had going into the debate.

Most media outlets have proclaimed Kamala Harris the big winner of the two-night debate.

Biden may end up coming out of the fray still in the lead, but it surely will be much closer than it has been in the past.

Additionally, he may found that the name staring back at him is no longer Bernie Sanders but rather Kamala Harris.

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