Biden campaign 'fact check' calls the truth a 'blatant lie' about insulin prices

 June 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

There's been no small content of lies among the statements Joe Biden has delivered: He claimed inflation was 9% when it took office; it was 1.4%. He claimed he knew absolutely nothing about son Hunter Biden's international business deals; evidence shows he met with principals. He claimed he's talked with international leaders – after they were dead.

Now his campaign has joined, apparently.

It was called out as a "blatant lie" a news reporter's statement that actually was the truth.

Social media statements document the sequence:

"Fox News reporter John Robert catches Biden campaign in a lie and brings all the receipts," charged the Gateway Pundit.

Not willing to let the Biden campaign get by with its latest falsehood, that a $35 cap on insulin for patients was due to Joe Biden, not President Donald Trump, Roberts responded:

"Yesterday, coming out of a segment in which the $35 insulin co-pay under the Inflation Reduction Act was mentioned, I remarked that I recalled back in May of 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that stated President Trump had a plan to lower insulin co-pays to $35. The Biden campaign’s rapid response issued a post on X saying the following: 'Fox host tries to claim Trump, not President Biden capped insulin at $35 a month. Fact-check: This is a blatant lie.' But there are receipts to dispute the Biden campaign’s claim about what I said."

He then outlined the evidence to support his reporting.

On social media, Roberts obviously had won fans:

"Well done John!"

"Good for you John!"

And there was one loaded with sarcasm: "The Biden campaign lied about something?"

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