Biden fundraising falls behind Sanders, Buttigieg in last quarter

Joe Biden recently sent out a tweet to his supporters to thank them for the $22.7 million that was raised in the 4th quarter.

What Biden did not tell them was that his fundraising numbers had fallen far behind what both opponents Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg raised during that same period.

Joe is slipping

Biden’s campaign was in serious trouble at the midpoint of 2019. In the third quarter, he only raised a little less than $16 million, and there was speculation that the campaign was close to running out of cash.

Biden sounded the alarm, and the big money donors must have heard his distress signal because Biden ended up raising 50 percent more in the 4th quarter than he did in the third.

While $22.7 million is nothing to sneeze at, Joe is still majorly trailing two of his biggest threats for the nomination.

Bernie Sanders raised an amazing $34.5 million without having a super PAC behind him. Pete Buttigieg also raised more than the former VP, raking in $24.7 million.

Elizabeth Warren has not yet released her numbers, but it is believed that her fundraising took a significant hit in the last quarter.

As the candidate list continues to dwindle, both Buttigieg and Sanders seem to be getting most of the money that would have gone to these other candidates, which is not a good sign for Biden.

Trump still leading the way

Raising money has not been a problem for Trump since day one and he is continuing to keep that trend going.

Trump brought in a massive $46 million during the 4th quarter, as he continues to run laps around his Democrat opponents.

This is his largest fundraising haul to date and most believe the uptick in funding was due to the impeachment effort being led by Democrats.

Rather than giving voters a reason to bail on Trump, the impeachment effort seems to be completely backfiring. Not only does it give Trump supporters more reason to dig in, but it also gives independent and moderate Democrat voters an incentive to look beyond the Democrat party as the 2020 election approaches.

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