Biden campaign caught peddling bogus Trump narrative

Joe Biden says he is a man of integrity who always tells the truth. But that philosophy apparently does not apply to his campaign videos.

According to The Blaze, the Biden campaign was just caught deceptively editing Donald Trump quotes to make the president look bad.

Trump meets with nation’s nurses

As the presidential race heats up, it seems mainstream media outlets are paying a little more attention to what Biden says and does.

The former vice president has been getting a free pass up until now, but his latest campaign video was so deceptive, even The Washington Post had to call it out, as The Blaze noted.

The campaign video uses clips of video from National Nurses Week, when President Trump hosted nurses from the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic into the Oval Office to celebrate the day.

The video ad from Biden shows only a portion of the comment made by the nurse, then immediately goes to a comment made by Trump about the PPE supply chain. The closing line of the ad states: “Happy National Nurses Week from the president (only to nurses who agree with him).”

According to The Blaze, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler responded to the ad, writing: “There’s some important footage missing.”

Checking the facts

Indeed, the Biden campaign used several creative editing techniques used in the ad to deceive people. The first is that the ad cut a nurse short, completely leaving out the part of her answer where she actually agrees with what the president had to say.

Additionally, the video later cuts to Trump with his arms crossed, making it appear as though the president is being aggressive with someone who does not agree with him. The video also does not show responses from several other nurses who state their hospitals have had no problems with the supply chain.

In other words, the video has Trump coming off as a jerk, when that was hardly how the nurses perceived the president during the meeting.

After the Washington Post stated that Biden’s ad failed a fact check, the former vice president’s campaign responded with a statement that, according to The Blaze, read in part:

Trump’s failure to act quickly — and his erratic leadership since — has left America dangerously behind where we need to be, especially in getting basic life-saving protective gear to nurses, doctors, and other essential workers on the frontlines of this fight.

Instead of listening to the direct concerns of nurses and other heroes combating the coronavirus about the shortages of protective equipment they face, Trump decided to throw a tantrum in the Oval Office and downplay the fact that health care workers are being forced to risk their lives every day because he has abjectly failed to do his job.

But even his response fails a fact check. Joe Biden claims to be a moral leader — but both the ad and the campaign’s response prove that not to be true.

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