‘The National Oceangram’: Biden bungles remarks on wildfire prevention efforts

During remarks in Washington on Wednesday, President Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic struggling to put all the right syllables in the right order.

The Washington Examiner first reported on Biden’s “triple-gaffe” Wednesday, in which he stumbled over the pronunciation of “Oceanic” when speaking of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, better known as NOAA.

Wildfires in the west

The president was speaking at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington to announce new measures designed to help tamp down on wildfires like those that have blazed across the West Coast in recent years.

“The threat of western wildfires this year is as severe as it’s ever been,” Biden said, according to a transcript from the White House.

“We’re doing everything possible to help you prepare for what’s coming, and some is already there,” he added. “We can’t cut corners when it comes to managing our wildfires or supporting our firefighters.”

Biden’s latest blunder

It was when Biden began breaking down his plans that he found himself stumbling over his words.

“We are harnessing new tools and technologies to better identify and respond before new fires grow into large, uncontrolled conflagrations,” the president vowed, according to the transcript. “So, for example, the National Oceano— — the National Oceangram— — Ocean — Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — NOAA — has satellite technology that is able to see from space when new fires start, while they’re still small, even as small as the size of your dining room table.”

Take a look for yourself below.

Say what?

According to the Examiner, Biden has been open about stuttering as a child — but that hasn’t stopped critics from drawing attention to his frequent blunders both on the campaign trail and since he ascended to the Oval Office.

His latest mix-up only served to detract from the president’s message that help is on the way for Americans affected by recent and devastating wildfires in states like California.

“We also have to make investments in our future,” Biden said Wednesday, according to the White House transcript. “That’s why the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework investment of about $50 billion in the — in the — my so-called — anyway, I won’t go into it. But a bill that’s caused a little attention — infrastructure bill — is going to build re— — build resilience to extreme weather events like wildfires. Fifty billion dollars,” he uttered. Say what?

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