Biden appears to bump head on door of Marine One hours after falling on stage

June 4, 2023
Ben Marquis

By now, everyone has likely seen a video clip of President Joe Biden tripping and falling on stage during the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony on Thursday, but far fewer have seen what occurred just a few hours later.

Upon returning to the White House, Biden appeared to hit his head on the top of the doorway while exiting the Marine One helicopter, the Conservative Brief reported.

Those two instances on the same day served as the latest reminders of why a majority of the American people harbor concerns about the president's physical and mental health and doubts about his capability to adequately fulfill the duties of his job as the nation's leader.

Biden bumped his head

According to Fox News, a video showed that President Biden appeared to bang the top of his head on the doorway of Marine One while exiting the presidential helicopter on the lawn of the White House on Thursday afternoon.

The president did not suffer any apparent injury at that moment though he did seem to rub the top of his head a bit and smooth his hair while walking across the grass and past the pool of waiting reporters as he moved toward the White House.

Biden did pause for a moment near the reporters and gave a sort of half-salute before he threw out his arms and declared, "I got sandbagged," in reference to his trip and fall incident a few hours earlier.

He then faked like he was about to run for a couple of steps before he smiled broadly and refused to take any questions.

Biden trips and falls on stage

Fox News noted that President Biden's claim that he "got sandbagged" was an obvious reference to what had occurred just a few hours earlier near the conclusion of the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony during which he had delivered the commencement address and then handed out diplomas to the graduating cadets.

After handing out the final diploma, the president turned to walk away from his position but almost immediately tripped over a black sandbag that was being used to hold his teleprompter in place and then took a concerning tumble on stage as an audible gasp and other rumblings were heard from the audience.

The White House quickly insisted after that incident that the president was "fine" and uninjured in the aftermath of his fall on stage.

Biden lacks "mental sharpness," "physical health," is "too old" to be president

Just about a month ago, a Washington Post/ABC News poll found that a solid majority, upwards of two-thirds of those polled, believe that President Biden lacks the "mental sharpness" and "physical health" necessary to effectively serve as the president.

That poll also found that a similar number of Americans, about two-thirds, believe that Biden, 80, who would be 82 during the 2024 election and 86 upon leaving office following a prospective second term, was simply "too old" to continue serving effectively as the nation's leader.

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