Biden exposed for building security wall around Delaware vacation home after halting construction on border wall

President Joe Biden has made it exceedingly clear that he does not approve of the border walls built to help secure the nation under his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, but like so many other dishonest politicians, Biden says one thing in public while doing the opposite in private.

Construction continues to proceed on a substantial privacy fence and wall around President Biden’s beachside home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware — the latest example of his elitist “do as I say but not as I do” attitude, according to a report from the Conservative Brief.

In other words, while Biden enjoys the safety and security of a taxpayer-funded wall around his vacation home in Delaware, he stands vehemently opposed to extending that same sense of safety and security to the American taxpayers with walls and fencing to protect the nation.

Walls for me but not for thee

The Daily Mail reported Monday that construction resumed last week on the wall around President Biden’s Rehoboth Beach property in Delaware, a project that initially began in 2021.

The front of the property features a half-wall constructed of grey stones with a gated opening for vehicles to enter and exit through, while the sides of the property feature much taller white panels interspersed between tall ornamentally capped pillars of grey stones.

The outlet noted that the project has been funded by taxpayers through the Department of Homeland Security to the tune of more than $490,000, per federal records for the awarded contract for the job.

That current cost, which may still rise further, is already more than $34,000 higher than the original contract awarded in 2021, though that increase is most likely due to inflation and supply chain issues that have hiked the prices for labor and materials.

It was noted that the project is scheduled to continue through this year until it is finished in September.

Halted nearly all border wall construction projects

Meanwhile, as President Biden uses taxpayer funds to build a wall to help secure his beachside vacation home, he literally pulled the plug on ongoing construction projects and pending contracts to build a wall along the southern border almost immediately upon taking office in January 2021, according to the Associated Press at that time.

That move by way of executive order left miles of gaps in unfinished portions of the border wall that former President Trump had fought for years against establishment opposition to try and build. It also put billions of taxpayer dollars by breaking contracts with the construction companies and materials suppliers who were involved in the ongoing project.

However, The Intercept reported in September that some construction along the border had quietly resumed over the summer, perhaps due to contractual obligations that couldn’t be ditched, to mostly repair damaged sections and gates and to fill in a few of the gaps left by Biden’s ordered “pause” in 2021.

Threatened Arizona to halt its own efforts to secure the border

More recently, according to Axios in December, the Biden administration filed a lawsuit and issued threats against the state of Arizona after then-Gov. Doug Ducey (R), in an effort to close the gaps along the border left by Biden, began to use old shipping containers stacked two high to try and shore up the insecure border in his state.

Under that threat of potential financial and legal consequences, Arizona ultimately backed down and halted those efforts while agreeing to dismantle and remove the barriers that had already been put in place.

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