Anti-Biden ‘Let’s go, Brandon!’ chant heard at country artist Morgan Wallen’s NYC concert

A clear majority of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden, and people are not shy about making that disapproval publicly known.

At a packed concert in New York City’s Madison Square Garden for country music star Morgan Wallen, the crowd reportedly erupted with “Let’s go, Brandon!” chants on multiple occasions between songs, Fox News reported.

Who is this “Brandon” guy everyone is cheering for?

The “Let’s go, Brandon!” phrase is the more humorous and family-friendly alternative version of the “F–k Joe Biden” chants that began to reverberate around concerts and stadiums last year as a public display of disapproval for the president.

According to The Daily Caller, the alternate version became a thing when an NBC sports reporter at a NASCAR race last year, in attempting to spin the audible explicit version of the chant from the stands, suggested on-air that the crowd was cheering on race winner Brandon Brown — a laughably false assertion that nobody ever believed.

That the anti-Biden chant occurred at a Morgan Wallen concert should come as no surprise, as this isn’t the first time that has occurred. A fan’s video from a December concert revealed the same thing — a massive crowd cheerfully displaying their opposition to the incumbent president.

In response to the crowd’s chant at that December concert, Wallen had jokingly replied, “My name ain’t Brandon,” and then added with a chuckle, “That’s all I’m gonna say on that one.”

Comeback from cancelation over a scandal

Breitbart reported that the New York City concert was part of Wallen’s “The Dangerous Tour” that is serving as a sort of comeback tour for the country artist after he was very nearly “canceled” by the music industry last year after a video emerged of him drunkenly using a racial slur.

Wallen had publicly apologized for his “unacceptable and inappropriate” usage of the N-word, but the damage to his career had seemingly already been done, as radio networks and streaming platforms, as well as his talent agency, quickly dropped him.

The Daily Caller noted that the Country Music Television channel removed all of Wallen’s work from the network, and Fox News noted that the Academy of Country Music Awards had deemed the artist ineligible to receive any of its honors last year.

He was similarly banned from last year’s American Music Awards show — despite being nominated for two awards — but none of that appears to have mattered to country music fans, as Wallen had the best-selling album in all of 2021, beating out numerous other high-profile mainstream artists, Breitbart reported.

As for the anti-Biden chants that appear to have become commonplace at Wallen’s concerts, Democrats and their media allies have no room whatsoever to complain, given the incessant prevalence of explicit expressions of hateful opposition toward former President Donald Trump from countless liberal artists and celebrities over the prior six years.

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