Biden brags about helping French diplomats escape Kabul as American citizens remain stranded: Reports

President Joe Biden and his administration have repeatedly misled the American people with regard to the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Now, however, it seems to all be catching up to him.

According to the Daily Caller, Biden bragged Friday about helping evacuate France’s embassy in Kabul, even as thousands of American citizens are said to still be stranded in the Afghan capital now controlled by the Taliban. 

Conflicting messages

In a Friday report, the Daily Caller pointed to an advisory statement from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul that encouraged American citizens to seek evacuation at the international airport there — which is entirely surrounded by Taliban fighters, according to reports. The embassy also warned, in all bold letters: “The U.S. government cannot provide safe passage to the airport.”

That message, which was repeated by an assortment of other administration officials in the following days, appeared to have been contradicted by the president himself in a press conference Friday afternoon.

After mentioning “169 Americans” whom U.S. military assets had helped get “over the wall into the airport” to be evacuated, Biden claimed:

We’re also facilitating flights for our Allies and our partners, and working in close operational coordination with NATO on this evacuation.

“For example, we provided overwatch for the French convoy bringing hundreds of their people from the French embassy to the airport,” the president added, according to the Daily Caller. “These operations are going — are going to continue over the coming days before we complete our drawdown.”

Trusting the Taliban?

Later in the presser, Biden claimed he’d worked out a deal with the Taliban to allow for the safe passage of Americans to the airport in Kabul.

Pressed on whether Biden would authorize excursions outside of the airport to rescue trapped American citizens, however, the president demurred.

According to the Daily Caller, Biden said he’d seen no reasons to do so, though other countries have made similar efforts. He emphasized that Americans will be allowed to travel to and enter the airport on their own accord due to the agreement, which would reportedly let those with U.S. passports pass through Taliban checkpoints.

“Reality and rhetoric are miles apart”

But none of what the president said really squares with reporting on the ground in Kabul. ABC News correspondent Ian Pannell told network anchor David Muir that Biden’s assertion was “totally not” true and, in fact, “breathtaking.”

Pannell said he’d interviewed victims and witnessed the Taliban denying access and even beating those who attempted to pass through the checkpoints. “It just seems the reality and rhetoric are miles apart,” the journalist said. “I’m not quite sure what advice the president is receiving, but the truth on the ground is that these people who are in fear of their lives can’t get through.”

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