Biden tells young Hispanic boy to ‘go steal a pumpkin if you want’

President Joe Biden has a lengthy history of making dubious remarks that are often stereotypical and borderline racist with regard to minorities, and he now has yet another awkward statement to add to that list.

During a Thanksgiving-themed speech at a Marine Corps base in North Carolina on Monday, Biden told a young Hispanic boy that he could “go steal a pumpkin” if he wanted to, the Conservative Brief reported.

That remark, whether intended as a joke or not, is problematic for two main reasons — first, it perpetuates a racial stereotype about minorities being prone to criminality, and second, it also seemingly encouraged an otherwise well-behaved child to engage in wanton theft.

“Go steal a pumpkin if you want”

According to the New York Post, President Biden traveled on Monday to the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina, to meet and greet the troops and their families for a “Friendsgiving” event.

He was introduced in a speech by a Marine who is also a mother who had her Hispanic husband and their four children near her on the stage — an infant in the arms of her husband, and two other young children being watched over by an older sibling.

As Biden began his remarks, he placed his hand on the shoulder of the eldest child and said, “I imagine this has to be boring, boring, boring for these kids to stand up here.” Turning his attention to the boy, he added, “You’re allowed to do anything you want, including go steal a pumpkin if you want. Anything you want to do.”

Biden’s history of racist and stereotypical remarks

To be sure, President Biden’s remark to the boy about stealing pumpkins was undoubtedly intended to be humorous, but like so many other “jokes” he has told in the past as a senator or as vice president, it missed the mark and plays into the sort of racial stereotypes that, if uttered the exact same way by a Republican politician, could result in the near-immediate demise of their political career.

In 2021, Tim Murtaugh of the Heritage Foundation looked into Biden’s “history of getting away with racist remarks,” which was spurred by his suggestion at that time that Latino Americans were getting vaccinated against COVID-19 at an exceptionally low rate due to fears of being “deported” — a racist assumption that all Latinos are illegal immigrants.

Murtaugh shared several other examples of questionable remarks over the years from Biden aimed at Black Americans and Hispanics and even Indians, and ultimately concluded that Biden receives the “benefit of the doubt” because he is a prominent liberal Democrat, whereas virtually any conservative Republican would not be extended the same courtesy.

Similarly, in August of this year, after Biden remarked that the “best basketball” can be found in predominately Black neighborhoods of a city, National Review‘s Jim Geraghty perused the president’s many racially stereotypical comments over the decades and reached the same conclusion.

One line from Geraghty’s piece really summed it all up, though, when he wrote, “Biden’s frequent use of racial stereotypes might be a little less irritating if he weren’t always telling us how he stood up to racism in his life, and about how racist all of his critics and opponents are.”

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