Biden to launch a ’10-day blitz’ of executive actions beginning on Inauguration Day

President-elect Joe Biden often spoke during the campaign about how, if elected, he would get to work immediately to undo as much as he could of what had been done during President Donald Trump’s tenure in office.

A recent report indicated that Biden plans to do exactly that, starting on Inauguration Day with a “flurry” of executive orders and legislative proposals that will be unleashed in what was described as a “10-day blitz,” Breitbart reported.

Ironically, the stated intent to rely heavily upon executive orders contradicts Biden’s own criticisms of President Trump for taking that route and forgoing efforts to work with Congress. Former President Barack Obama also had a fondness for using the “pen and phone” to conduct business.

Furthermore, Biden had also lambasted several of his fellow Democratic presidential candidates during the primary season in 2019 who had suggested that they would do the same thing Trump had done, with regard to relying on executive actions, if faced with a Congress controlled by the opposition party.

Biden’s planned “blitz”

The New York Times published a lengthy puff piece about Biden on Saturday that included claims about the incoming president’s big plans for the first 10 days in office, ostensibly detailed in a memo originating from incoming Chief of Staff Ron Klain that was obtained by the newspaper.

The Times reported that Biden “plans to open his administration with dozens of executive directives on top of expansive legislative proposals in a 10-day blitz meant to signal a turning point for a nation reeling” from several major crises at one time.

The planned “flurry of executive actions” was described as “partly substantive and partly symbolic” and included such things as repealing Trump’s travel ban, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, resuming support of the World Health Organization, imposing a mask mandate on federal properties and workers and interstate travel, and a number of other orders regarding the coronavirus pandemic and immigration policies.

Those executive actions will also be accompanied by a demand for Congress to move quickly on several major legislative proposals the Biden team has already developed, such as the third round of pandemic relief measures and a massive immigration system overhaul that would include citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, among other issues.

Few details

The Times then proceeded to heap lavish praise on Biden — a not-so-subtle change from the paper’s overwhelmingly negative coverage of President Trump — before finally returning to some of the details of Biden’s so-called “10-day blitz” of initial actions upon taking office.

It was noted that Biden’s team already had at least a dozen executive orders lined up for him to sign on Inauguration Day, followed by several more scheduled for each successive day within that 10-day period.

The memo from Klain reportedly didn’t provide much in the way of details for the proposed executive actions, and Klain did reportedly concede that legislation from Congress would be necessary to accomplish Biden’s goals in some cases, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Biden’s actions are consequential or merely a “flurry” of anti-Trump noise.

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