Biden blasted for pushing woke ideology while ignoring martyrdom of Christians

May 19, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The administration of Joe Biden is more focused on promoting woke ideology than in addressing the murders of many Christians in Nigeria.

That's the charge being leveled against the Democrat administration by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

He wrote in a report at the American Center for Law and Justice that Biden's administration, along with the Nigerian government, "continue to put their collective heads in the sand…"

Pompeo reported that Open Doors has documented that just last year, 90% of the Christians worldwide murdered for their faith were killed in Nigeria.

"This staggering number is up from 80% just one year before. We should remember that Christians comprise nearly half the population of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa by far," he said,

"Yet the Nigerian government – in fear of the radical Islamic militants who continue to pour in through the country’s northern border – continues to persist in its official stance of denial of religious persecution," he said.

As bad as that is, Pompeo explained, Biden "continues to affirm this denial instead of holding the Nigerian government accountable, as we did in the Trump administration."

He explained, "We knew Nigeria was tolerating the systematic, violent persecution of its Christians. My team and I at the State Department placed Nigeria’s government on the Countries of Particular Concern (CPC) list so that we could impose serious consequences if it did not confront the evil extremist groups metastasizing within its borders."

However, he said, "Unfortunately and predictably, Team Biden not only reversed our good work but also failed to replace it with anything meaningful."

Now, he said, the ACLJ has obtained emails through a Freedom of Information Act revealing "the Biden administration seems more worried about promoting its woke agenda than securing religious freedom."

"In the months leading up to the decision to remove Nigeria from the CPC list, Biden’s State Department was considering funding woke projects, like a documentary series meant to 'penetrate and analyze the complex and rather phony religious charade that has come to define a large part of [Nigerian] society.'"

Biden also considered "investigating 'social constructs' in Nigeria such as 'gender roles,'" Pompeo wrote. "Regardless of whether these projects were eventually pursued, the very fact that the State Department was wasting time considering them while ignoring staggering persecution is a clear indictment of its priorities."

He accused Biden of being "intentional" in failing to fight for religious freedom abroad.

"Top leaders in this administration simply do not believe that religion matters. They view religious faith as either one of many different cultural characteristics, or as an unfortunate feature of a backward society trapped in the past.

"Progressive ideology demands its adherents discount the truth and value of religious faith and, instead, view every conflict through the prisms of race, ethnicity, and gender," he said.

Pompeo's conclusion?

"The Biden administration is simply out of touch with reality. Over the past year, acts of terror and violence by militant Islamic groups in Sub-Saharan Africa – including the Islamic State in West Africa, Fulani Herdsmen, and Boko Haram – increased by 22%. The resulting fatalities increased by nearly half. And according to the Global Terrorism Index, Sub-Saharan Africa has now become the 'new epicenter of terrorism,' and all on the Biden administration’s watch.

"This is happening in part because the Biden administration signaled to African nations like Nigeria that it doesn’t really care whether they allow terror and persecution to fester inside their countries."

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