Report: Biden admin ‘has been tight-lipped’ about promising COVID treatment

A new report from The Daily Wire claims President Joe Biden’s administration “has been tight-lipped” about a potential new treatment option for COVID-19 said to have shown promising results in recent studies.

The Washington Post first called monoclonal antibodies an “effective, widely available” therapy for the coronavirus in an article published late last month. But while the numbers are rising, at this point, less than a third of patients who are eligible for the treatment regimen are actually receiving it, the Post reports.

The Post cited experts who said the reason, among other things, is that the federal government hasn’t done enough to promote the treatment, which reportedly has “almost no side effects” and is “free to patients.”

The Daily Wire doubled down. “[A]wareness of the treatment is abysmal,” writes Amanda Prestigiacomo, “and that’s in large part due to the efforts — or lack of effort — from the Biden administration, most notably President Biden himself.”

A breakthrough treatment under wraps

According to The Daily Wire, former President Donald Trump is perhaps the most famous COVID-19 patient to have undergone the antibody treatment.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani also received monoclonal antibodies as part of their treatment for COVID-19, according to a USA Today report from December 2020. At that time, the Trump administration voiced concern about the lack of availability of the treatment.

Among other things, that was the result of logistical issues that the Washington Post says still persist to this day. Sadly, it doesn’t seem the Biden administration is doing anything about it.

According to The Daily Wire’s Prestigiacomo, part of that may be because of the treatment’s connection to Trump.

But Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) reportedly suggested a more nefarious motive last week: “Basically,” Prestigiacomo writes, “officials were scared if Americans knew about the highly effective treatment, they might forgo a vaccine.”

The bottom line

Regardless of motive, however, one thing is clear: President Biden’s decision to keep Americans in the dark about treatment options outside of inoculation is getting Americans killed. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the vaccines don’t prevent an individual from getting infected with and spreading COVID-19.

Since the vaccine isn’t eliminating the coronavirus, Americans need treatment options. Monoclonal antibody treatment could be exactly what Americans need to truly eliminate the threat that the coronavirus poses.

“It is absolutely the standard of care for COVID-19,” Erin McCreary, who serves as director of stewardship innovation at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, told the Washington Post. It’s a shame the White House isn’t doing more to make it mainstream.

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