‘Zero access’: Biden administration barring media from observing border operations

A Biden administration secret has just been exposed.

According to John Moore, an award-winning photojournalist, the Biden administration has not been allowing members of the media to observe Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operations that are taking place at the southern border, Fox News reported.

Moore, a Getty Images correspondent, detailed the current situation in a series of tweets on Friday and Saturday.

“No modern precedent” for media ban

“I respectfully ask US Customs and Border Protection to stop blocking media access to their border operations,” Moore tweeted Friday. “I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama, and Trump but now – zero access is granted to media. These long lens images taken from the Mexican side.”

In a follow-up tweet, Moore said that “there’s no modern precedent for a full physical ban on media access to CBP border operations.”

Moore said there is no excuse for the complete lack of transparency. “To those who might say, cut [the Biden administration] some slack – they are dealing with a situation, I’d say that showing the U.S. response to the current immigrant surge is exactly the media’s role,” he wrote.

The journalist continued with two more follow-up tweets on Saturday. In the first, he once again emphasized that, as a photojournalist, he now has to “stand in another country,” namely Mexico, “to photograph what’s happening – in the United States.”

And, in the second, Moore wrote, “The vast majority of river crossings by asylum seekers happen on federal land in south Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. The federal govt. controls access to those areas. The Border Patrol has been removing journalists who enter, including recently myself, CBS, others.”

Psaki deflects

The Biden administration has been questioned about this practice of not granting media access to Border Patrol facilities on a number of occasions.

According to Fox News, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has claimed “it is not our policy to prevent people from talking,” referring to reports that suggested the Biden administration had stopped personnel from speaking about the border situation.

On another occasion, Psaki was asked why the White House couldn’t release border photos from a trip that Biden’s team made to the border. She only replied that she would look into it.

Democrats blasted the Trump administration’s handling of the border. Now, only months into the Biden administration, the situation is so bad they’re having to black it out altogether.

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