‘They’re leaders’: Biden backs calls to move MLB All-Star Game out of Atlanta

In response to recent election reform measures passed in the state, Georgia-based companies and events have been increasingly targeted with boycotts or other forms of public pressure to denounce the new law.

According to Breitbart, President Joe Biden has now joined the chorus of critics in supporting calls for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game to relocate out of Atlanta.

“People look to them”

During an interview with ESPN on Wednesday, the president was asked for his thoughts “about the possibility that baseball decides to move their All-Star Game out of Atlanta because of this political issue.”

Biden offered a clear endorsement of the proposal, adding: “I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them. They’re leaders.”

He went on to point out the political activism in other leagues, including the NBA.

“The very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports,” Biden said, according to Breitbart. “And it’s just not right.”

As of this writing, the MLB has not announced its intention to move the game. Tony Clark, the leader of the league’s players’ union, has signaled an openness to at least considering the idea, however.

“If there is an opportunity”

“As it relates to the All-Star Game, we have not had a conversation with the league on that issue,” Clark said, according to the Washington Examiner. “If there is an opportunity to, we would look forward to having that conversation.”

According to Breitbart, the controversial Georgia election bill enhances voter identification requirements for absentee ballots, shortens the length of runoff election cycles, and offers other safeguards against voter fraud or intimidation.

While many on the right praised the measures as a response to the uncertainties surrounding the outcome of November’s presidential race, Democrats have largely blasted the law as a GOP attempt to suppress voter turnout.

Biden has been a vocal and misleading opponent of the law, going so far as to call it “Jim Crow on steroids,” as Breitbart notes.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) continues to stand by his support of the new provisions, however. According to Newsweek, the governor declared Wednesday that he will not “back down from this fight because the integrity of our election is the foundation of who we are as Georgians and Americans.”

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