Biden Awards $41 Million to Soros-Funded Group Shielding Illegal Aliens

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Biden administration awarded $41.3 million in taxpayer-backed government contracts to a non-profit that is helping illegal aliens fight deportation as the nation struggles to cope with the border crisis.

The nonprofit is the Acacia Center for Justice, which was formed through a partnership between the Vera Institute of Justice and Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR).

The Vera Institute has received millions in funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The institute’s spinoff, the Acacia Center, has received six “legal services” contracts from the Justice Department, which will support the nonprofit’s objective “to expand on Vera’s work over the past twenty years in providing legal support and representation to immigrants facing deportation.”

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Acacia’s website further says it “will focus the collective power of both Vera and CAIR on delivering accountable, independent, zealous and person-centered legal services and representation to protect the rights of all immigrants at risk of deportation.”

More than 2 million illegal-alien encounters have been recorded at the border this fiscal year and more than 1.7 million last year.

The Vera Institute clearly states it views federal immigration enforcement agencies as a “threat” to civil liberties.

But the group won a $171 million government contract in March to help unaccompanied minors avoid deportation, reported previously.

The deal with the government lasts until March 2023, and it can reach as high as $983 million if renewed until March 2027.

The Soros-funded Vera Institute also works to end “mass incarceration” by cutting down on the number of jails, prisons, and detention centers in the United States.

And the group also has shown support for defunding police.

Meanwhile, violent crime has risen substantially in major cities with progressive district attorneys whose campaigns were bankrolled by Soros. Among the DAs is Kim Foxx of Cook County, Illinois, which has recorded more murders this year than any year since 1994.

Soros: ‘Democracy is now gravely endangered’
On Independence Day, Soros wrote in a piece on his site Project Syndicate that he saw the conservative “radical majority” on the U.S. Supreme Court as “part of a carefully laid plan to turn the US into a repressive regime.”

He charged that “democracy is now gravely endangered” and asserted “the threat to the US from the domestic enemies of democracy is even greater” than the threat from foreign enemies such as China and Russia.

The “domestic enemies,” he said, include a Supreme Court “dominated by far-right extremists, and Donald Trump’s Republican Party, which placed those extremists on the Court.”

Soros objected in particular to Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion in the Mississippi abortion case that overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

“There is only one way to rein in the Supreme Court: throw the Republican Party out of office in a landslide,” Soros wrote.

He acknowledged it won’t be easy to defeat “the radicalized Republicans,” who have “stacked the Supreme Court and many lower courts with extremist judges.”

“In states such as Florida, Georgia, and Texas, they have enacted a raft of laws that make voting very difficult,” he said, referring to election integrity laws such as requiring voter ID.

He claimed the objective is not to make sure that every vote counts, but “disenfranchise African-Americans, other minorities, and young voters generally” in an effort to win elections.

“We must do everything we can,” he wrote, “to prevent” the Republicans from retaking the majority in Congress this November.

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