Biden authorizes Fed to 'explore' digital currency

March 4, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's executive orders have been destructive to segments of America's economy already.

Consider his orders attacking the oil and gas industry, the thousands of jobs lost, the higher fuel prices, and such.

Or consider his dedicated agenda to impose abortion on all Americans, no matter their religious beliefs on the industry that kills the unborn.

Now, a column at the Gatestone Institute reveals his agenda to create chaos in America's economy.

Lawrence Kadish, who is on the board of governors of the organization, wrote that Biden's "little-noticed" plan appeared recently in an executive order.

In fact, "this order includes language that allows the Federal Reserve System to 'explore' the possibility of introducing digital currency into the United States," he wrote. "This means that your cash becomes so much colored paper."

He explained, "Under this new digital currency, any transfer of funds to family, friends, charities, or clients would be able to be tracked by the nation's central bank that issued this virtual money. Big Brother will be in your wallet every hour or every day."

His warning? "You will not be able to buy a stick of gum without a Federal Reserve computer knowing where, when, and to whom you just put down a buck."

Biden defenders note that the order doesn't implement digital money, or give Washington special powers.

"Assuming that is true, what it does accomplish is to introduce the possibility of even considering a currency move so radical, so profound, and so disruptive that it makes George Orwell's '1984' nightmare novel a day in the park," he wrote.

"We should be rightfully concerned about inflation, energy independence, aggressor nations armed with nuclear weapons, and woke public policies that denigrate the very foundation of this great country. But these are jabs compared to the enormous destructive power of a digital currency 'option' slipped into Executive Order 14067. Nations have risen and fallen far from the battlefield, their destinies determined by their economic policies. We should bring our collective outrage to confront even the idea of introducing digital currency in America's future: if it becomes reality, we will not recognize our democracy," he warned.

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