Biden calls for arbitrary limit of 8 bullets for firearm ammunition magazines

President Joe Biden has long supported the imposition of strict gun control laws, but arguably even more infuriating than his openly expressed plans to infringe upon the Second Amendment is the fact that he so often reveals that he has no basic understanding of the things that he seeks to regulate and restrict.

That was proven yet again during a weekend interview when, in regard to so-called “high capacity” ammunition magazines, Biden arbitrarily and confusingly declared an acceptable limit to be “no more than eight bullets in a round,” Breitbart reported.

While many gun-owning Americans may chuckle at that obvious gaffe — a “round” is synonymous with a “bullet” in firearms parlance — the statement from the president is actually quite alarming and a threat to the sanctity of the fundamental right to keep and bear arms, which necessarily includes the ammunition needed for protected firearms to function as intended.

Biden reiterates call for renewed “assault weapons” ban

President Biden on Sunday sat for a lengthy forum with several young individuals for the decidedly left-leaning NowThis News organization to discuss the impending midterm elections and the future policy agenda for Democrats more broadly and the remainder of Biden’s tenure in office.

The first topic of conversation was Biden’s plans for “gun safety legislation” and featured Natalie Barden, a sister of a victim of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting.

Biden rambled on for several minutes about his desire to reimpose a federal ban on so-called “assault weapons” like semi-automatic AR-15-style rifles and suggested that such consequential legislation could be passed if voters simply sent a few more Democrats to Congress in the November elections.

Biden suggests an eight-round limit on magazine capacity

Near the end of her segment, Barden asked Biden specifically about expanded background checks for gun purchases as well as imposing limits on “high capacity” ammunition magazines, at which point the president revealed his complete lack of understanding with respect to standard-issue magazines as a required accessory for a firearm to operate.

“The idea that you could sell — my legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round,” Biden misstated in reference to magazines. “What these guys do in these mass killings, is they have magazines, they call them … that can hold up to 100 bullets in them.”

“That’s just like having an automatic weapon, which we’re not allowed to have, by the way, supposedly,” he added. “And so it limits the size of the magazines and limits the ability of any weapon — any weapon, including pistols — and limits the use and sale of an assault weapon, period, across the board. So it does both.”

Biden’s sinister plan would only impact lawful gun owners, not criminals and mass shooters

While President Biden’s incessant call for a renewed “assault weapons” ban is bad enough, his desire to arbitrarily limit magazine capacity to just eight rounds is arguably even more sinister, as that goes far beyond simply the purported “weapons of war” like AR-15 rifles and impacts, as Biden himself acknowledged, regular semi-automatic handguns, the vast majority of which come from the manufacturer supplied with standard-issue magazines that hold well more than just eight rounds.

If, somehow, Biden is able to get his wish and limit magazine capacity to just eight rounds, criminals and mass shooters who already ignore the laws will not be impacted, and only average lawful gun owners will be placed at a significant disadvantage in self-defense situations by Biden’s artificial cap on how many bullets a magazine can hold.

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