Biden approval rating dips to just 50%, lower than Trump’s at same point in 2017

Many mainstream media outlets continue to handle the Biden administration with kid gloves, portraying the president as a symbol of hope for the nation’s future.

Nevertheless, President Joe Biden’s polling numbers appear to be telling a somewhat different story.

Biden struggles to match Trump’s numbers

According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 10,000 likely voters collectively found that Biden is doing comparably worse than former President Donald Trump had been at the same point in his term.

The poll, which covered Biden’s first full month in office, revealed a 50% job approval rating — or one point lower than Trump received following the same period of time four years ago.

At the same time, Biden scored a 47% disapproval rating, which is two points lower than Trump’s 49% rating in 2017.

As of this week, Rasmussen revealed that Biden’s approval had dipped even further to 49%, which comes as his administration fights a number of battles on different fronts, from a growing immigration crisis to continued struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within the Democratic Party, Biden scored an 83% approval rating at the end of February. By comparison, Trump received 81% approval from members of the GOP.

Strong opinions on both sides

Whether Biden’s support from within his own party like his predecessor did during his term remains to be seen.

In terms of those voters who have “strong” views one way or the other, Biden shows similar numbers to Trump. For Biden, 34% of respondents “strongly approve” of his job performance, whereas 36% said the same about his predecessor.

Similarly, 39% said they “strongly disapproved” of the president, compared to 40% for Trump.

The latest numbers seem to show a precipitous drop for a commander in chief who took office with a relatively high approval rating. In the weeks since then, however, a string of controversial executive orders that included canceling the permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline and issuing a moratorium on the deportation of undocumented immigrants appear to have taken their toll.

Every president enters the White House with a unique set of challenges, and that list appears particularly long for Biden. Only time will tell if his administration will be able to overcome these obstacles to fulfill his vow to serve as a president “for all Americans.”

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