New Biden appointee sparks controversy over links to communist China, devotion to climate change and ESG guidelines

President Joe Biden has been accused of having too-close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and of subversively deferring American interests to the goals of the Chinese regime in Beijing.

Such allegations are only further bolstered by revelations about a new climate change-focused Biden appointee, Dr. Yue (Nina) Chen, who has been exposed for her own exceptionally close ties to the communist government in China, Breitbart reported.

The nominee earned a degree in chemical engineering from the CCP-controlled Tsinghua University in Beijing that conducts advanced research on behalf of the Chinese military, and as if that weren’t bad enough, her entire career thus far appears to have been devoted to undermining the American economy and energy production over worries about the future impact of climate change.

New Biden appointee focused on climate change risks

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced on Sept. 12 that Dr. Chen had been appointed as its Chief Climate Risk Officer for the agency.

In that role, Chen would “lead the agency’s climate risk efforts related to supervision, policy, and external engagement” as well as “focus on the development and implementation of climate risk management frameworks for the federal banking system.”

That news release praised Chen’s “background and experience in both finance and climate-related financial risk” and highlighted her prior work in that regard in climate change-focused departments in the New York state government and private financial institutions.

Controversial ties to China, advocacy against fossil fuel production

The Washington Free Beacon, which first reported on the controversy surrounding Chen’s appointment, reported that Tsinghua University has been labeled as a “very high risk” institution due to its “high level of defense research and alleged involvement in cyberattacks” for the Chinese military, with that research including things like “artificial intelligence, air-to-air missiles, navigation technology, instrument science, and materials science,” according to an Australian national security think tank.

Her links to the Chinese government and military aside, the Free Beacon also reported that Chen is a fierce advocate for what is known as “environmental, social, and governance” guidelines, or ESG, in which companies are pushed to adopt commitments to progressive ideals on things like climate change and diversity at the expense of their bottom lines, the interests of the public and shareholders, and the economy and society more broadly.

In fact, it was just last year that Chen participated in a panel discussion in which she urged U.S. companies to “finally leave fossil fuels behind” and instead focus all future investments “toward solving the climate crisis.”

Not the first time

Interestingly enough, both Breitbart and the Free Beacon noted that this wasn’t the first time that a Biden appointee to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency had come under fire for receiving an education at a communist-controlled university and displaying a devotion to subverting the U.S. economy and energy production over climate change concerns.

Saule Omarova had been tapped by Biden last year to head the OCC, but ultimately was withdrawn following controversy over her receiving a “Lenin Scholarship” at Moscow State University in the 1980s as well as her plans to use the power of the federal government to “starve” private companies of funding for the fossil fuel industry and to eliminate local community banks in favor of massive multinational financial institutions.

President Biden and his supporters can argue and deny that he wants to subvert the U.S. to the benefit of communist China, but that is a tough argument to make when he continues to appoint potentially compromised people like Chen and Omarova to influential top positions in his administration.

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