Biden appears to lose his place while sorting through papers during remarks at roundtable event, video shows

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has already faced scrutiny, even among some in his own party, over verbal gaffes and perceived evidence of cognitive decline.

Those concerns resurfaced this week as the former vice president appeared to trail off and struggle with completing his thought while delivering a prepared statement in Philadelphia, according to Breitbart.

Issues with his prepared documents

According to Breitbart, Biden participated in a roundtable discussion on Wednesday in which he attempted to weigh in on efforts to reopen the economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

A video clip of his remarks, however, appears to show him at a loss for words while sorting through several pieces of paper laid out in front of him. He started speaking, but soon seemed to lose his train of thought.

“You know, uh, the rapidly rising, uh, um — um, uh, and with, uh — with, ugh, I don’t know, uh, um,” he said, failing to articulate a coherent statement. Take a look at video of the incident shared by Breitbart:


Another stammering speech this week

Unfortunately for the candidate, this was not the only example cited this week by those seeking to paint him as unfit to lead. Breitbart noted that he seemed to be confused about his own extensive political career while remotely addressing members of the NAACP from his Delaware home on Tuesday.

“Well, you’ve, uh, been with me for a long, long time, uh — I’m a, uh, lifetime member, and I got educated by the NAACP, starting back in the 1970s as a congressman, and we were trying to — uh, excuse me, as a councilman,” he said.

For the record, Biden was a longtime Democratic U.S. senator from Delaware.

While President Donald Trump has faced his own public criticism for misstatements and flubbed lines, his level of approval among supporters has not appeared to suffer as a result. Biden also has additional baggage including family scandals, a sexual assault allegation, and concern among his party’s liberal wing that he is too tough on crime.

It remains to be seen whether Biden, whose campaign already lacks the enthusiasm of the incumbent, will be able to encourage Democrats to head to the polls with a message that is often anything but clear.

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