Biden says he apologized to Sanders for being ‘presumptuous’ about securing the nomination

Last week, even though the Democratic Party’s presidential primary season was not over, and Joe Biden did not have enough delegates to win the nomination, the former vice president announced he was moving forward as though he were the nominee.

However, Biden eventually broke down and admitted that the move was “presumptuous” on his part and disclosed that he apologized to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) over the weekend for acting as though the primary was “officially over,” according to the Daily Wire.

Over the line

The coronavirus has not only stopped the economy, but it also brought the 2020 presidential primaries to a screeching halt. Most elections were moved to later in the spring or summer, and all campaign events have ceased until further notice.

Recently, the Democratic National Committee announced it was going to postpone its July convention, and Biden even suggested doing a virtual convention.

With all of these delays, polling began to hit Sanders very hard, as he was trailing Biden in virtually every state with no way to make up his current deficit, so Biden took some liberties and told Sanders that he was moving forward with making cabinet selections.

On Sunday, Biden stated that he had called Sanders and apologized to him for his actions.

“I was apologizing because it was a bit presumptuous of me to be setting up a committee to go through the process of deciding and doing the background checks on potential nominees,” Biden told ABC News, according to the Daily Wire.

He went on: “I was apologizing to him by saying, ‘Bernie, I don’t want to in any way to demean your effort but if we don’t start now, we’re not going to be able to get there.’”

No longer matters

As it turns out, Biden’s decision to move forward ahead as though he had already secured the nomination was the correct move, because Sanders ultimately suspended his campaign on Wednesday morning, NBC News reported.

However, there might still be a bit of an ax to grind there, because Sanders’ name will continue to appear on primary ballots and he has not abandoned his quest to accumulate delegates.

The plan for Sanders, even though he won’t be campaigning, is to gather as many delegates as possible to put pressure on the Democrat Party as well as Biden to make platform concessions to his socialist agenda.

Sanders has stated that he will be supporting Biden, but he clearly wants some of his policy goals to remain in play if manages to beat Donald Trump in November.

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