Biden’s fractured ankle raising more concerns about the presumptive president’s health

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has suffered hairline fractures in his ankle after playing with his dog on Saturday, Reuters reported.

Initially, it seemed like the 78-year-old only had a minor injury, but X-rays and a CT scan showed that it was much worse: there are fractures in Biden’s ankle, reports said, and he needs to wear a protective boot for several weeks.

If elected, Biden will be the oldest person to assume the office of president in the history of the United States, The Guardian noted in a report published on his birthday earlier this month.

All eyes on Biden’s health

While the news is overall positive for Biden and this issue isn’t reported to be too serious, it certainly doesn’t help alleviate concerns about his health in general.

Biden has spent the last four decades in Washington, and to say it has aged him is an understatement. The last year on the campaign trail has had a noticeable effect on the former vice president.

There have been numerous occasions on which Biden has appeared sleepy or low energy, prompting President Donald Trump to refer to him as “Sleepy Joe.”

Meanwhile, there have been no real answers to ongoing questions about Biden’s cognitive function, as the media has done its best to hide and discredit any allegations that it might be faltering.

Now, not only is Biden’s cognitive health in question, but his physical fitness is also something to keep an eye on. Few details have come out as to how the former vice president fractured his ankle playing with his dog, and one has to wonder how that actually happened.

Massive burden for Biden

Unless Trump’s legal team comes up with something massive, it is likely that Biden will become the 46th president of the United States. In that case, Biden will be ascending to one of the most demanding offices in the world — and Americans are right to wonder if he can handle the workload.

It’s well documented how much of a burden leading the free world can be. Former President Barack Obama aged at a shocking rate over his eight years in office and he became president at 47, as reported noted.

Biden will have to spend the next four years facing off with China and Russia while maintaining the peace that Trump built in the Middle East. Does he have the stamina to represent the United States in an increasingly unpredictable international scene?

If Biden is declared president, Americans would be wise to prepare for four years of uncertainty.

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