Biden angry and defensive over questions on inflammatory gaffes about Putin, Russia

During his trip to Europe last week, President Joe Biden uttered no less than three major gaffes with regard to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine that were inflammatory and provocative and risked escalating the conflict beyond just Russia and Ukraine.

When confronted by a reporter about those gaffes, however, Biden first denied they ever occurred and then grew defensive and infuriated as he attempted to falsely spin his misstatements as meaning something entirely different from what had actually been said, according to TheBlaze.

Pat Gray, host of The Blaze’s morning program “Pat Gray Unleashed,” spent some time Tuesday morning covering the exchange and expressing his frustration and disbelief that Biden appeared completely incapable of simply admitting that he’d misspoken.

Biden said what?!?

The three gaffes from Biden were noted during a press conference Monday by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who has emerged as one of an exceptionally small handful of reporters who are willing to hold the White House accountable and ask probing questions on uncomfortable topics that the administration would rather not address.

You can watch the full exchange between Biden and Doocy with the incredulous commentary from Pat Gray right here courtesy of a video clip posted to Facebook.

The first gaffe came Thursday during a press conference at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium when Biden was asked about rumors of Russian plans to use chemical weapons in Ukraine and how the U.S. and NATO might respond. Biden replied that “it would trigger a response in kind” — meaning that the U.S. and NATO would deploy chemical weapons of their own against Russia.

The second gaffe came Friday while Biden spoke with 82nd Airborne troops deployed to Poland and, while discussing the brave resistance of Ukrainian civilians to the Russian invasion, told those U.S. soldiers, “And you’re going to see when you’re there. And you — some — some of you have been there.”

The third gaffe came Saturday at the end of Biden’s final speech in Warsaw, Poland during which he repeatedly railed against Putin and closed with a regime change-like declaration: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Denial and lies from the fraudster-in-chief

During a Monday press conference, Doocy referenced those three gaffes and how the White House had corrected or “walked back” the provocative misstatements, to which Biden arrogantly and falsely replied, “None of the three occurred.”

The president then accused the reporter of misinterpreting his words and fraudulently claimed that his words to the U.S. troops in Poland had been about training Ukrainian troops in Poland, that he had only vowed an unspecified “significant response” to a chemical weapons attack.

Earlier, Biden had disingenuously told other reporters that his apparent call for the removal of Putin as Russia’s leader had been merely his own personal opinion based on emotion and was not indicative of a new policy of regime change toward Russia.

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