Biden and Trump Tap into California's Deep Pockets Amidst Election Campaigns

 June 16, 2024
In a demonstration of California's pivotal role in national politics, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have actively pursued fundraising efforts in the state, each drawing on its vast donor base as the November election approaches.

Both President Biden and former President Trump have recently intensified their fundraising activities in California, reflecting the state's crucial importance in their campaign strategies.

The Campaign Trail Heats Up

Former President Trump recently completed a three-day fundraising blitz across California, aiming to consolidate his financial base. His tour not only included California but also extended to Las Vegas, signifying a broader push in key affluent regions.

Simultaneously, President Biden returned to California, a state renowned for its robust political donations. The state's importance is underscored by the Federal Election Commission figures, which show California as a top contributor to both candidates this election cycle.

Star Power Fuels Biden's Campaign

Amid these heightened fundraising efforts, a notable event is on the horizon for Biden. A high-profile fundraiser, slated to take place at the Peacock Theater in downtown Los Angeles, is drawing significant attention. This event, marked as a "historic night," will feature stars such as George Clooney and Julia Roberts and will be held with ticket prices ranging from $250 to a staggering $500,000.

Expected to bring a fresh influx of campaign funds, the fundraiser underscores the Democratic leanings of the entertainment industry, a longstanding supporter of the party's initiatives.</8p>

Trump's Post-Trial Surge

Donald Trump, following his recent criminal trial, witnessed a significant spike in campaign donations. The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee reported raising $141 million in May alone, a testament to his continued influence and support base.

Further, the day following his guilty verdicts, his campaign experienced a remarkable donation surge, collecting nearly $53 million in just 24 hours. This influx is a clear indicator of his robust support network, ready to back him despite legal setbacks.

Political Dynamics in Hollywood

Last year's major Hollywood labor strikes posed a challenge to Biden's fundraising efforts. However, the campaign regained momentum in December, with events hosted by influential figures like Steven Spielberg and Rob Reiner. This resumption of activities underscores the strategic importance of celebrity endorsements in political fundraising.

Additionally, Jeffrey Katzenberg, a media mogul and Biden campaign co-chair, has been instrumental in organizing these major fundraising events. His efforts included a previously successful event in New York City, which raised $26 million.

Celebrity Endorsements and Political Critique

The celebrity engagement in Biden's campaign has not gone unnoticed by his opponents. The Trump campaign has sharply criticized Biden's close ties with what they call "elitist, out-of-touch celebrity benefactors." This narrative plays into the broader political discourse surrounding the influence of wealth and celebrity in politics.

Despite these criticisms, celebrities like Robert De Niro and Mark Hamill continue to publicly support Biden's reelection bid. At a recent campaign news conference, De Niro famously criticized the opposing political stance by calling them "gangsters."

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