Report: Biden’s presumptive ambassador to China has deep ties to the CCP

The National Pulse has exposed President Joe Biden’s presumptive ambassador to China, Nick Burns, for his deep ties to the communist nation.

According to an exclusive piece from the investigative newspaper, despite being dubbed by the media a “career diplomat,” Burns is more accurately described as a “career Chinese Communist Party apparatchik.”

The Cohen Group

Burn’s primary connection to China, according to the Pulse, is through the Cohen Group, where he served as Senior Counselor before joining the Biden team.

According to the Pulse, the group has two China-based offices and employs former Chinese Communist Party officials.

“The Cohen Group works closely with former Chinese Communist Party officials many consultants are active in various D.C.-based China lobbying groups,” the paper reported. “What’s more, the group has participated in an advisory program working with an entity sanctioned by President Trump for human rights abuses against Uyghurs in Xinjiang.”

The group’s founder, Bill Cohen, has also worked closely with the chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges.

In 2011, Cohen told the government-funded think tank that he wanted to “help Chinese companies go global and conduct investment in the U.S,” according to the paper. As noted by the Pulse, that Chinese “investment” in the United States is the foremost way the Chinese Communist Party “conducts intellectual property theft, espionage, and siphons American jobs.”

In the final stages

Burns has also served on the board of Harvard’s Belfer Center, the Pulse reported.

This center “has hosted cybersecurity working groups alongside Chinese Communist Party government and military officials” and has “roleplayed ‘fictitious cyber scenarios’ and discussed sensitive technology matters relating to artificial intelligence, Huawei, arms control frameworks, and more,” according the Pulse.

As noted by the paper, pictures from these cybersecurity events show People’s Liberation Army General Hao Yeli participating.

Finally, Burns has had appearances on Chinese state-run media outlets including China Global Television Network.

At an Aspen Institute event last year, Burns said of China, “we can’t see them as the enemy because we need them.” According to a report from Axios last week, Burns “is in the final stages of vetting to serve as President Biden’s ambassador to China.”

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