Biden allowed U.N. sanctions on Iran to expire before missile attack on Israel

By Jen Krausz on
 April 15, 2024

President Joe Biden allowed UN sanctions on Iranian missile procurement to expire five months before it launched more than 300 of them at Israel in retaliation for a strike on its embassy in Syria last weel that killed seven IRGC terrorists.

The sanctions expired on October 18, 2023, giving Iran five months to expand its drone and missile development before the attack.

The expiration date came from the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, which was entered into by Biden's Democrat predecessor Barack Obama and re-entered by the U.S. after former President Donald Trump withdrew from it during his presidency.

The expiration was supposed to be contingent on Iran following the terms of the deal, but it has not even pretended to do so.

Iran not compliant

As recently as November, Iran threw International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors out and didn't let them inspect its enrichment of uranium.

There have been repeated reports from the IAEA that Iran has been enriching uranium in quantities to make a nuclear bomb rather than for energy production, as it has claimed.

But Biden seemed content to let Iran get away with doing so, and did not reinstitute any meaningful sanctions or even call for it as part of the UN.

Limited sanctions against certain groups were instituted, but did not pertain to missiles or drone strikes.

Iran linked to Hamas

In addition, Iran has been linked to the attacks by Hamas on Israel, giving material funding and weapons to Hamas that allowed it to attack Israel.

Where did Iran's money come from?

Not directly from the U.S., as some have claimed, but indirectly through oil sales of about 700,000 barrels a day that the U.S. has allowed since 2022, when Saudi Arabia said it would not increase production.

That amounts to billions of dollars a year going into Iran's pockets, helping it fund Hamas and get more missiles.

When will it stop?

It seems as though the U.S. has been very much a part of the problem when it comes to Iran and may have even enabled Iran to fund Hamas in opposition to Israel, whom we say we support.

It's a very tangled web, and it's not too far off to say that the U.S. is helping to facilitate both sides of this war effort, which is the last think we should be doing.

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