Biden aide says former VP may not campaign in person at all: Report

Will Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden ever get out of his basement and onto the campaign trail? Don’t bet on it.

According to a Friday report from Breitbart, CNN’s MJ Lee said a Biden campaign aide confessed to her that the former vice president may not hit the campaign trail in person at all this year. Biden’s newly announced running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris (D), seems to be following suit.

“It is just entirely not clear that we are ever going to see either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris participate in a traditional campaign rally,” Lee reported Friday, according to Breitbart.

Biden in the basement

Biden has indeed made few public appearances on the physical campaign trail since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, opting instead to make (seldom) appearances via video call from the safety of his basement.

At 77, Biden is in the age group thought to be most at risk for complications from the coronavirus disease. That said, a campaign from his house may not give Americans the image of a strong leader that the former VP was surely hoping for.

“Even before the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden was not doing a lot of in-person events,” Lee noted Thursday. As Breitbart reported, a chyron displayed below Lee read: “Campaign aide: Not sure if Biden will hit campaign trail this fall.”

Take a look:

To debate or not to debate

Biden’s lack of enthusiasm for getting out-and-about has left many Americans wondering whether he will back out of the upcoming debates against President Donald Trump.

Rumors started to fly about a week ago that Biden wanted to do the debates via Zoom, but Trump is unlikely to go for that. The president wants Biden on the stage, where he can stare Biden down and make him answer questions without any aides in his ear or teleprompters to read from.

If Trump gets his way, Biden will be ushered out of his hiding space come late September.

Let the games begin.

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