Biden ahead in polls, behind on the ground

You would have had to be sleeping under a rock for the last two months not to know that Joe Biden has a double-digit lead in most polls.

However, while that is good news for Biden, the bad news is that Biden is sorely lacking in his ground game, and it may very well push him out of the race altogether. 

Behind the Curve

Joe Biden really took his time announcing his candidacy. By the time Biden got into the race, virtually every serious candidate had already announced.

This is a problem for Biden because those campaigns were able to get the best of the best in terms of ground game to commit to their campaign.

Because of the early poll returns for Biden, this did not really appear to be a problem, but it is now starting to become one. Look no further than Iowa, where Biden actually skipped a big event to go to his granddaughter’s graduation.

While we understand family is important, that may not be the case for most voters in the Democrat party. Biden skipped an event where 19 of his fellow candidates attended and virtually every one of them made sure the people of Iowa knew about it.

Losing Ground

All of this is starting to hurt the Biden campaign and it is showing up in poll numbers. When Biden first announced, some of the polls had him at close to 40 percent.

Since then, his double-digit lead has evaporated.

The stunning thing, though, is that previous front-runner Bernie Sanders has not been the beneficiary of the Biden downturn.

It actually looks like Sanders has topped out around 18 percent. Now, candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are starting to make a surge and have almost pulled even with Sanders.

Realize too, the other candidates have not really started to fire shots at Biden and when they do, you know they are going to go after his lackluster record and middle-of-the-road stance on many of the issues.

This all spells disaster for Biden and if the current slide continues, we could have a four or five horse race heading into Super Tuesday.

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