Biden’s pick for deputy AG prosecuted Black man sentenced to 27 years for selling $20 worth of drugs

During his 2020 presidential campaign, President Joe Biden repeatedly played the race card, arguing that he was the obvious choice for Black voters — even though his long record in politics doesn’t line up with his claims of wanting to help the Black community.

According to The Daily Caller, the notion that Biden is the best choice for Black Americans just took another hit, as his nominee to serve as deputy attorney general, Lisa Monaco, was infamously involved in the prosecution of a Black man that resulted in a 27-year prison sentence for the man’s involvement in a $20 heroin drug deal. 


As assistant U.S. attorney in 2003, Monaco led the prosecution of Reginald C. Steward, who was arrested and charged after being involved in selling an undercover police officer $20 worth of heroin in an undercover bust.

Steward was arrested in 2002 and was later charged with unlawful distribution of heroin. Given the amount of heroin involved, the prison sentence pursued by Monaco was considered quite harsh, though a jury convicted him of the charge.

The person who actually made the drug exchange — a co-defendant in the case named Bobby Praylow — was cut a deal after he pleaded guilty to another drug case, providing him with just a one-year sentence.

In a written response to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Monaco disclosed her work on the heavily-criticized case.

“Defendant was convicted of unlawful distribution of heroin after a jury trial,” Monaco wrote, though she didn’t mention the amount of drugs involved. “The defendant was sentenced to 27 years of incarceration, with all but 180 months sentence suspended.”

Obama administration

Monaco served as a homeland security adviser in former President Barack Obama’s White House. In a disclosure to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2011, when she was nominated to fill the role of assistant attorney general for national security, Monaco disclosed her work on the case but was never asked about it.

Most recently, according to Politico, Monaco filled a temporary role for Biden, as he selected her to serve as a homeland security adviser for Biden’s inauguration team, given the heightened security measures taken after the Capitol riot.

“Given the existing threats, Ms. Monaco’s temporary role will be focused solely on the period leading up to the inauguration,” a statement regarding her temporary appointment read at the time.

When asked by The Daily Caller about her involvement in the Steward case, Monaco forwarded the question to the Department of Justice. Biden’s White House was also contacted for comment on the matter, but did not respond.

As of this writing, the Steward case has not been mentioned in any recent mainstream media reporting.

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