Biden affirms 'transgender kids' on 'Transgender Day of Visibility'

April 2, 2023
Robert Ayers

The White House just issued a statement "affirming transgender kids" in honor of the "Transgender Day of Visibility." 

Never heard of the "Transgender Day of Visibility?"

Biden's proclamation

U.S. President Joe Biden, on Thursday, issued a proclamation establishing March 31, 2023, as the "Transgender Day of Visibility."

Biden, in his statement, went so far as to claim that "transgender Americans shape our Nation's soul" - an incredible statement considering that transgender individuals are estimated to make up far less than 1% of the entire U.S. population.

Biden, in his proclamation, wrote:

Transgender Day of Visibility celebrates the joy, strength, and absolute courage of some of the bravest people I know — people who have too often had to put their jobs, relationships, and lives on the line just to be their true selves. Today, we show millions of transgender and nonbinary Americans that we see them, they belong, and they should be treated with dignity and respect. Their courage has given countless others strength, but no one should have to be brave just to be themselves. Every American deserves that freedom.

That is only a small part of Biden's proclamation, which is eight substantial paragraphs long.

Biden, however, did not stop there.

"White House Honors Transgender Day of Visibility"

Biden followed Thursday's proclamation with a substantially longer "fact sheet," titled, "White House Honors Transgender Day of Visibility."

This fact sheet appears to have two main goals: first, to criticize "conservative politicians [who] have advanced hundreds of anti-transgender laws," and, second, to demonstrate the ways that Biden and his administration are "uplifting transgender communities."

Biden, as part of this effort, signed an executive order "to advance equality for LGBTQI+ people, especially children and families."

Regarding children, in the fact sheet, Biden and the White House strongly come out in favor of "affirming transgender kids" - an idea that Republicans have firmly opposed. Referring to a new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Biden claims, "there is conclusive scientific evidence that affirming a transgender or LGBTQI+ child’s identity is vital to protecting their mental health."

Biden, in the fact sheet, also made it clear that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) will look to use its resources to "intervene legally when states violate the rights of transgender youth and their families."

Out of focus

The efforts that Biden and his administration are taking toward advancing transgenderism - including "affirming transgender kids" - are expansive, to say the least - just take a look at the fact sheet. 

One can't help but think that if Biden and his administration put even half as much energy into the major problems that America is facing the country wouldn't be in such bad shape.

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