Biden admits he is a ‘transition’ candidate

On Thursday night, Joe Biden made a rather interesting comment when talking to Bob Costa of The Washington Post.

Biden confessed, “I view myself as a transition candidate making way for the Mayor Petes of the world to come into my administration.”

What Does That Mean?

Did Biden just admit that he is more or less a placeholder for the office so Democrats can put someone else into the office?

What exactly did he mean?

Joe Biden would clarify his comments on Friday when he appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to deny the assault allegation made against him by Tara Reade.

After what can only be called a lackluster interview, Biden tried to further explain what he meant by a “transition” candidate.

Biden stated that he viewed it as giving the younger members of the Democrat party a much larger voice as this country moves forward.

By making people like Pete Buttigieg a member of the administration, Biden apparently hopes to make his party more relevant to the younger generation of this country.

Be Careful, Joe

Joe Biden is doing everything he can to lure in Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Even though Sanders failed in his campaign yet again, he has an enormous level of support from the younger members of the party that despise the Democrat establishment.

If Biden is going to win over those voters, he is going to have to do far more than just get Sanders’ endorsement. If Biden wants to get those voters in his camp, he is going to have to make their platform agenda part of his platform.

This will cause Joe Biden to make a dramatic swing to the hard left, which could end up costing him parts of his base as well as middle-of-the-road Democrats.

While Biden sees the need to add these individuals to win the presidency, their support and their influence could do the complete opposite. It is a very fine line and if Biden is not careful, he could not only lose the election but also give the Democrat party a devastating blow for the future.

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