Biden admits al-Qaida could ‘come back’ after the Taliban reclaimed Afghanistan

President Joe Biden seems to have a troubling issue with explaining to the American people how he plans to keep them safe from the potential reemergence of terrorist groups like al-Qaida, now that the Taliban have control of Afghanistan.

That was evidenced again over the weekend during his visit to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where he attended a remembrance ceremony close to the site of the crash of United Airlines Flight 93, telling reporters that it’s possible that al-Qaida could “come back,” before ridiculing the idea of deploying U.S. troops to stop them, the Washington Examiner reported

“Come on”

Biden, as we’ve witnessed over the past year, isn’t a fan of taking hard or important questions, and on the rare occasion that he receives one from a mainstream media obsessed with his favorite flavors of ice cream, the president almost always deploys his “c’mon, man!” reply in order to deflect.

The president, who not long ago claimed that al-Qaida was “gone” from Afghanistan, seemed to change his tune on Saturday while in Shanksville.

“Could al Qaeda come back? Yeah,” Biden told reporters.

The president added: “But guess what? It’s already back other places. What’s the strategy? Every place where al Qaeda is, we’re going to invade and have troops stay in? Come on.”

His bizarre remarks were made with the backdrop of not only the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack that was carried out by al-Qaida terrorists but also in the wake of his humiliating foreign policy failure in Afghanistan that will likely allow the country to be a new terrorist safe-haven for years, perhaps decades, to come.

Trump weighs in

While Biden said a few words to reporters on Saturday, he didn’t make any presidential speeches to Americans on perhaps one of the most significant anniversaries in this country’s history.

Former President Donald Trump took notice, and according to Breitbart, revealed exactly why Biden remained mostly silent on a day when Americans were looking for true leadership and reassurance.

“Biden didn’t even speak today! He went to all three places and he didn’t speak,” Trump said. “I wonder why he didn’t speak.”

Trump added: “He turned victory into a total embarrassment; I say the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country.” The former president added that he noticed other Democrats who gave speeches on Saturday danced around Biden’s recent failure in Afghanistan.

It’s truly embarrassing that Biden, our leader, was either scared of delivering a speech because of Afghanistan, or is literally incapable of delivering a speech on such an important day for fear that he’ll botch it like he does most speeches. These are the times when it’s not unreasonable to believe that even some Democrats miss Trump being in the White House.

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