Biden admin's plan to release migrants onto US streets obtained by Fox News

May 11, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

One of the primary problems of President Joe Biden's southern border crisis is the fact that local agencies have become overrun and over-capacity with regard to taking in the millions of migrants that pour over the border each year. 

According to Fox News, in a 2022 memo, it was revealed that the Biden administration simply doesn't care, whatsoever, and even made plans to release migrants into U.S. cities and towns when the agencies become completely maxed out, many of which already are.

News of the 2022 memo came on the day Title 42 is set to expire, with hundreds of thousands of migrants ready to take their chance in getting into the USA without much of a problem.

The revelation of the memo came thanks to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, who was involved in legal proceedings last year with regard to the future end of Title 42.

Sickening details

It's horrific enough that America will soon be overrun with illegal migrants, but it now appears that the Biden administration is fully prepared to turn them loose in a neighborhood near you.

Fox News noted:

Fox News on Tuesday reported that top border officials in Washington, D.C., have decided to authorize all Border Patrol Sectors to begin the releases if Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and NGOs can’t hold migrants. It means that they will be released at bus stops, gas stations, supermarkets and elsewhere.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) typically take the bulk of the responsibility once a migrant crosses the border and is processed. Fox reported that most NGO's are already close to max capacity and resources.

That means in the coming days, as at least 150,000 migrants scramble across the southern U.S. border, every entity from NGOs to churches to hospitals to local law enforcement will be completely maxed out, ushering in a new era of danger for American citizens.

Fox added:

The releases are in line with an internal memo published in May 2022 by Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, which outlined guidance for situations when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is unable to accept illegal immigrants due to a lack of space and instead, they must be released from custody to prevent overcrowding.

It went on to state that the releases "should be conducted in the vicinity of [NGOs] which are able to provide further services."

The "hubs"

The releases, which are expected to be many, "should be made at ‘hubs’ where noncitizens have access to services offered by NGOs, transportation hubs, and/or other safe locations," the memo stated.

It stated that the releases should be done "in a safe, humane, and orderly manner."

With as many illegals that are expected to flood the gates this week, good luck with that.

The White House has a real problem on its hands, and it's about to become several orders of magnitude worse.

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