Biden administration to blame for baby formula shortage, WSJ opinion says

A Wall Street Journal op-ed published Thursday made a case for blaming the Biden administration directly for the current American shortage of baby formula that has led to empty shelves and worried, desperate parents along with several infant hospitalizations.

The Journal pointed out that when Biden’s FDA closed the largest baby formula factory in the U.S., responsible for 42% of U.S. infant formula production, it set the shortage in motion.

Other major formula makers could not ramp up their production fast enough to make up for the hole in the market that occurred when the Abbott Nutrition plant was closed, and now there have been empty shelves for weeks in many places.

A big part of the problem came, however, in the length of time the facility has been shut down. It has been over four months since it closed because of four infants falling ill after using the formula and traces of bacteria were found there.

Laying blame

Even after it was conclusively shown that the plant did not contaminate the formula, it has not been allowed to reopen. Only a public outcry last week led to the plant’s planned reopening in the coming weeks, but officials said formula production there is still six to eight weeks away.

Biden also invoked the Defense Production Act to ship formula to areas of need faster and prioritize raw ingredients needed, but it never had to get to this point. The Abbott plant should have been thoroughly sanitized and reopened immediately instead of staying shut for four long months.

As the Journal pointed out, the problems are not with manufacturing or transportation, but with the regulations placed by the Biden administration on the facility.

Not only did the FDA prevent Abbott from a quick, safe reopening, but there are also tariffs and labeling requirements that make it difficult for formula makers in other countries to compete here.

The Journal advised lifting these requirements and letting the free market solve the problem like it has been able to do so many times before when supply problems have occurred.

Does the left want to fix the problem?

The tenuousness of the supply chain has become evident as parents have faced empty shelves and struggled to find food for their infants, all because of one plant closing.

It’s the Journal’s opinion that part of the reason supply chain woes have hit so hard is that the free market has been stifled too much.

There’s no doubt that removing some of the regulations and requirements from major U.S. industries that make needed products would help to solve these problems and keep the supply chain flowing more smoothly.

If Biden and his handlers want to solve the problems, that is.

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