Biden admin warned of increased dangers to trans people in email after Nashville shooting

April 20, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

Last month, a trans-identifying woman shot and killed six people, including three children and three adults at a Nashville, Tennessee-based Christian school. 

President Joe Biden's administration seemed more worried about trans people than it did the families of the victims or the lack of proper security protocols at our nation's schools that could mitigate the number of school shootings and deaths resulted.

In a memo obtained by The Daily Wire and The Heritage Foundation, just days after the shooting, Biden's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sent out an email that warned of the dangers faced by trans people following the horrific shooting that should be labeled as a hate crime.

EEOC Chairwoman Charlotte Burrows sent the email, the outlet noted. 

What did it say?

Burrows reportedly sent out the email on March 31, which apparently is also known as "Transgender Day of Visibility."

"At a time when transgender individuals and their families face increasing attacks on their rights and basic humanity, it is critically important for the EEOC to continue enforcing the rights of transgender workers under the law."

There was no mention in the email of the seemingly increased dangers Christians face from Christian-hating, mentally deranged transgender people.

The Daily Wire noted:

Burrows, who includes her pronouns in her signature, said in the email that she is “pleased” to share that the EEOC has sued a Buffalo restaurant that “subjected a young transgender worker to egregious harassment based on his gender identity.”

The email is one of many pieces of proof that the Biden administration is only interested in tackling perceived diversity issues and not the real crises facing America.

Other actions

The Daily Wire noted:

Burrows also shared that the EEOC is updating its “nondiscrimination and inclusion” policy on gender identity and sexual orientation to make it more inclusive. This includes a new gender identity and inclusion coordinator to help trans-identifying employees.

"I was disappointed to find out that even the EEOC doesn’t actually believe in equality when it comes to religious discrimination," said attorney Roman Jankowski of the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.

He added: "The administration’s obsession with equality seems to ironically exclude groups it doesn’t like — especially if they are Christians."

"The Chairwomen of the EEOC, Charlotte Burrows, appears to care more about the pronouns than the children massacred by a radical transgender shooter. At what point is the Biden Administration held accountable for their embrace of poisonous, divisive and violent ideology?"

Hopefully, Americans will elect an administration in 2024 that will concentrate on the real problems we face, and quit playing the identity politics game to appease a sliver of the population.

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