Biden admin suspends case involving claims that school racially segregates students and teachers

Not only are U.S military troops being increasingly subjected to radically progressive, race-based training, teachers and students around the country are also finding themselves involuntarily included in a variety of “woke” activities and exercises.

According to Just The News, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), under former President Donald Trump, ordered an Illinois-based school district to cease exercises in which teachers and students were reportedly being segregated by race. Upon entering the White House, the Biden administration suspended the investigation. 

What was happening?

The controversy erupted after Stacy Deemar, a white woman who works as a teacher in Evanston/Skokie School District 65, raised concerns after she claimed that white administrators and students were being segregated in various training scenarios and exercises.

Some of those exercises included a “Colorism Privilege walk activity” for students and professional development classes in which administrators were allegedly separated by race. Students and parents were also reportedly offered “racially exclusive affinity groups” by the district.

Adding to the controversy, staffers were reportedly provided “explicit direction” by district administrators to issue punishments based on a student’s race.

The OCR reached out to the school district informing it that an investigation had been opened as a result of Deemar’s complaint, and ultimately recommended a course of action to cease all of the activities that appeared to be racist.

Unfortunately for Deemar, the students, and their parents, the district reported earlier this year that the Biden administration essentially closed the case, as the New York Post reported, seemingly giving the district its stamp of approval to carry on.

Teacher goes to court

Deemar doesn’t appear to have any interest in backing down, as she recently took the case to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, where she’s pinning her hopes of a federal judge agreeing with the Trump administration’s original approach to the issue.

The teacher held nothing back in her complaints, accusing the school district of teaching students “not only how to be racist, but that they should be racist.”

Deemar’s complaint alleges that “race-based programming has overtaken” the school district, adding that the district is “perpetuating divisive stereotypes” that clearly divide students and teachers based on the color of their skin, which, ironically, is what the district aims to put an end to with their methods.

The teacher included a folder of various activities and lessons that she believes are overtly racist against white students, including one material that reportedly read: “Your 5-year-old is already racially biased.”

While it’s not surprising that the Biden administration is looking the other way while our children are taught to be racist, with any luck, Deemar will ultimately prevail in her court battle and force the school district to nix their race-based teaching methodology.

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