Biden admin ‘sidestepping federal transparency laws,’ energy experts claim

President Joe Biden and his administration have worked tirelessly to reverse a long list of former President Donald Trump’s policies that aided in building a booming U.S. economy.

Former U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry (R) and former Texas state Rep. Jason Isaac (R) penned an outstanding opinion piece for RealClearEnergy in which the two highlighted Biden’s apparent sidestepping of federal transparency laws with regard to his cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and other projects that would have continued to strengthen America on all fronts. 

Trump had it right

The writers slammed the Biden administration for actions it has taken since entering office, with a focus on the damage done from reversing Trump’s approach of deregulating infrastructure-heavy industries, which allowed critical projects like roads and bridges to be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

“The Trump administration’s reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) were a critical step toward reducing draconian regulations on our nation’s responsible energy producers and infrastructure builders — restoring limited government and removing unneeded delays, complexities, and burdens,” Perry and Isaac wrote.

They went on to say that Trump’s reforms to the permitting process for both energy and infrastructure projects was “long overdue,” and as we all witnessed during Trump’s time in office, had profound effects on projects across the country, not to mention the leverage gained by not having to depend on foreign energy sources.

“Americans deserve clear, transparent, and timely permitting decisions so that capital can be allocated to projects that are beneficial and environmentally viable, and away from those that are not,” Perry and Isaac wrote, pointing out that now, under Biden, bloated regulations will once again make that virtually impossible.

They added: “The Trump administration’s comprehensive update of the regulations—the first in more than 40 years—was a major step in the right direction.”

Biden’s true intentions

While Biden has preached the “Build Back Better” slogan for months as he promoted his legacy-level “bipartisan” infrastructure bill, it doesn’t appear as if he has Americans’ best interests in mind, rather, he’s playing partisan politics with both infrastructure and energy regulations.

“This contradictory policy approach will continue to be a serious drag on the nation’s economy and critically harm the nation’s ability to produce and transport the energy that powers it,” Perry and Isaac wrote.

They went on to say that Biden’s decision to once again impose heavy regulations was his attempt to “deliberately sidestep federal transparency laws.”

“The administration failed to provide public notice and solicit public comment — a basic good-government requirement applicable to nearly every federal rule change — and neglected to provide any clear justification beyond extraordinarily vague concerns about ‘meeting the nation’s needs and priorities,'” the writers noted.

Only time will tell just how bad the situation becomes with Biden in charge, but Americans are already feeling the early effects, which include higher gas prices and the cancellation of thousands of high-paying energy jobs as projects are delayed or canceled altogether.

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