Biden admin. reveals plan to win voters over

One of President Joe Biden’s advisers just revealed his plan to win American voters over in the upcoming midterm elections.

According to Yahoo Finance, the plan is to, essentially, sell Americans on the Biden administration’s so-called accomplishments.¬†

It’s not “rocket science”

The adviser who revealed the plan is Jared Bernstein, a member of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers.¬†Bernstein made the revelation during an interview with Yahoo Finance that took place on Friday.

There, Bernstein was asked, “when you’re this close to the midterm elections, what do you think is going to make this really break through some of this noise so that people actually do see what the administration has accomplished?”

“I would say it’s conversations exactly like this one,” Bernstein replied. “Look, I don’t think this is rocket science.”

Bernstein continued:

You’ve got to get out there, and you’ve got to explain things to people. And, you have to hopefully do it in ways that resonate with them. And, you can tell me whether I’ve accomplished that in the last five minutes, but it’s certainly our goal. And, that’s the only way I know how to do things. And, that’s straight ahead, Joe Biden, pragmatic, do stuff to help the middle class and try to explain it to them. I don’t think it’s that complicated.

Apparently, it is, though, otherwise, one would not need “to explain” anything to anyone. Rather, the accomplishments would speak for themselves.


Yahoo Finance reports that aides such as Bernstein are determined to “get out there” and sell the Biden administration’s so-called accomplishments to Americans in order to correct the mistake that the Obama administration made, namely, not getting out there and selling the administration’s accomplishments.

As for what accomplishments exactly will be sold, the Biden administration is pointing to such things as the so-called Bipartisan Infrastructure Law as well as the so-called Inflation Reduction Act – neither bill does what its name suggests.

The Biden administration is also pointing to “The Biden-Harris Economic Blueprint,” which was recently released by the White House.

The blueprint seeks to identify the “historic legislative successes and executive actions the Administration has taken,” referring to Biden’s first two years in office as “two of the most productive in American history.”

By the looks of things, Biden is going to need some skilled salespeople to sell Americans on this stuff.

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