Biden admin quietly urging Mexico to clamp down on Venezuelan migration: Report

If you ask anyone in the Biden administration about the migration crisis, they’re quick to brush it off. But emerging reports suggest that behind the scenes, President Joe Biden’s White Hous is scrambling to contain the situation, at least to some degree.

According to Fox News, Biden’s White House has reportedly lobbied Mexican officials on several occasions to impose greater restrictions specifically on migrants originating from Venezuela, as there has been an almost unbelievable increase in the number of Venezuelans desperately attempting to reach the U.S. border under the Biden administration. 

Fox reported that in Q1 2021, nearly 48,000 Venezuelans were apprehended at the southern U.S. border, compared to barely 1,000 in the same time period of 2020.

What’s happening?

A Reuters report indicated that Mexico is actively considering making entry requirements for fleeing Venezuelans much tougher than what it currently is.

Some of those new measures could include a deeper dive into a migrant’s past to make sure they’re not entering under a false pretense. Some of those checks include checking for a return plane ticket and vetting the migrant’s financial solvency.

Those new vetting measures would be deployed to ensure Venezuelan migrants aren’t using Mexico as their escape route to seek asylum in the United States.

The Reuters report then noted from a third source in the Mexican government that the White House has, in fact, pushed for stricter entry requirements for Venezuelans, noting that it was a request made after receiving a sharp uptick in reports from Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents of an increase in apprehensions of Venezuelan migrants at the border.

“A third person familiar with Mexican-U.S. talks said Washington is urging Mexico to impose visa restrictions on Venezuelans, noting that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been complaining about the increase in Venezuelans,” the Reuters report noted.

New numbers are bad

While the Biden administration seems to be alarmed about the Venezuelan migration crisis, which is certainly a bad one, there were no reports regarding the primary migration origin countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, also known as the “Northern Triangle.”

In September alone, CBP officials dealt with some 192,000 migrants at the southern U.S. border, adding to the FY 2021 total of some 1.7 million, and that’s just the ones that were caught.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who was originally tasked with exploring the “root causes” of the migration crisis, has been mostly absent on the issue since then, seemingly allowing migrants to come to the U.S. border at their leisure.

Unfortunately for America, the migration crisis at the southern border could very well go on until 2024 when, God-willing, America elects a Republican president who isn’t afraid to tackle the issue head-on.

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