Biden admin is accused of treating migrants worse than Trump

According to the Daily Wire, a New York Times reporter just confronted the Biden administration about claims from humanitarian groups that President Joe Biden and his administration’s treatment of migrants at the southern border is worse than former President Donald Trump’s. 

That Times reporter is Michael Shear. Shear confronted White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby during Friday’s press briefing.

Take a look and listen:

A “humanitarian disagrace”

The above video starts off with Shear, saying:

I spent a long time covering immigration stuff during the Trump years. I — I never saw more damning quotes from immigration advocacy groups and human rights groups during the Trump years than — as I saw yesterday towards this administration.

Shear, here, backs this statement up with some evidence, quoting the leader of one of these human rights groups as referring to Biden’s handling of migrants at the southern border as “a humanitarian disgrace.”

Shear said, “that was echoed across the board in literally scores of emails I got from every humanitarian group.”

Shear finished by asking Kirby and Jean-Pierre:

What do you all — what does the administration say to the overwhelming consensus from people who advocate on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees and migrants that what the president did yesterday was ‘a humanitarian disgrace’?

The above video ends at this point.

Kirby, Jean-Pierre respond

It is Kirby who first responds to Shear’s question.

“Well, obviously, we take a different view,” Kirby said, going on to explain that the Biden administration is trying to find an approach that encourages safe, legal immigration and cuts back on illegal immigration.

A little later in the briefing, Shear, once again, confronts Jean-Pierre about the issue. And, Jean-Pierre, in particular, “took issue” with the comparisons to the Trump administration.

Jean-Pierre said:

I know you are the messenger, and you are giving me the information. I am responding to what you just said, which is: You’re talking about an administration who had a policy — right? — that tore babies away from their moms, from their parents, from their families. That was the president’s — President — the last administration — that president’s philosophy or policies. And that’s what they did. And, this is not this president.

Jean-Pierre, it ought to be noted, did not answer Shear’s question.

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