Biden admin announces $64 million in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan

In the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban has asserted control over the war-torn country.

Not only has the militant group reportedly been handed access to billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment and resources, but the Biden administration has also now reportedly announced a $64 million humanitarian aid package for Afghanistan.

“A large humanitarian response”

Although the aid is being described as targeted relief for those suffering in the nation, critics insist that the Taliban will inevitably intercept the funds for its own purposes.

In an announcement on Monday, the U.S. Agency for International Development confirmed that it had designated the financial aid to be distributed via United Nations agencies and other non-governmental organizations on the ground in Afghanistan.

“Even before recent insecurity pushed people from their homes and increased needs, USAID supported a large humanitarian response for more than 18 million people in Afghanistan,” the agency explained.

As for the ostensible purpose of the latest aid package, USAID said it includes “critically needed food, health care, nutrition, medical supplies, protection, hygiene supplies, and other urgently needed relief.”

Frontpage Mag reported the latest development, noting that it had predicted weeks ago that the Biden administration would eventually be funding the Taliban.

“Government in waiting”

Of course, the Biden administration and its defenders in the media are sure to defend the aid as fully justified and targeted at those who need it most.

Even if it does reach Afghan people, however, it will first flow through the potentially corrupt hands of various U.N. agencies and NGOs, each of which has its own expenses to consider.

The central concern involves the Taliban, which is expected to collect at least a portion of the aid through taxation. Critics of the plan worry that militants will go even further, demanding protection payments and threatening violence to enrich themselves while depriving the Afghan people of much-needed resources.

CBC reported in 2018 that the Taliban had already begun laying its groundwork for a “government in waiting” while controlling only limited regions of Afghanistan. Part of that plan reportedly included levying taxes in a manner akin to a criminal protection racket.

Adding to the widespread disillusionment among Americans regarding Biden’s handling of the troop withdrawal, the USAID appears to be willing to write a massive check despite concerns that only a small portion of those funds will reach those Afghans who need it most.

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